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If I wanted to visit Greece and enjoy a lot of consistently great food, where would you recommend? Here are some things I was thinking about ... feel free to chime in and offer suggestions:

... Athens - it being a larger city, I figure there has to be plenty of options and interesting twists

... Ikaria - I understand this island is one of the blue zones. That alone intrigues me. I also heard the cuisine was delicious.

... Crete - People always report eating great food on this island, and it intrigues me that it is slightly different from other places in Greece (plus it seems to have enough similarities).

... Thesaloniki - Another city - I love exploring the restaurants in cities...


I have personal experience with the culinary wonders of Crete. I've been to that island a handful of times and each time, I have been captivated. Not just with the scenery, but the food. Everything is so fresh. Some of the dishes are unique just to Crete. It's kind of hard to describe - you just have to see it for yourself. I like Athens, too. There's some diversity there, which is fun.
Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection in Imerovigli, Santorini has unveiled a transformation to its Villa and refreshed experiences program as well as opened a brand new restaurant and bar that bring Athens’ most celebrated culinarians permanently to the Greek Islands.

Greek cuisine’s first Michelin starred chef, Lefteris Lazarou (who has held a star at his Athens restaurant every year since he was first awarded in 2002), has opened his second restaurant at the hotel + Athens’ most lauded cocktail bar has now taken over the mixology program at 363 Bar. For the first time, Grace Hotel’s culinary experiences are now open to non-guests.

Help Packing for Greece Trip

I am starting to make my pack list for Greece. I plan to get there at the end of August. What is the weather like? It's been a while since I've been and I need answers to some questions:

- Does it get cold at night?
- Should I expect some rain?
- How are the winds? Will I need a windbreaker?

Also I am curious about fashion stuff... what do the women tend to wear in Greece? I know that's vague, but I don't want to look totally like a tourist in my wardrobe.

Why is Milos the Island of Love?

I have seen people refer to Milos as the island of love.

I am planning a trip and maybe going to Milos next year.

I know that it is beautiful, and you don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy it. I have never been here- I am trying to visit some places in Greece I have never been.

Any advice on what to see?

What to know about the 'beach towel revolt' taking back Greek beaches.

I sincerely hope by commencement of the next season proper laws, rules and regulations are in place to be fair to all travellers,I doubt very much if anyone has the power to do anything about this in Mykonos!😂😂

Finding last minute travel deals?

Most of the time when I go to Greece, I know well in advance.

I am thinking of going at the last minute soon, and I wonder how to look for last minute deals?

One thing I did notice is that from the United States, flights tend to go up in price as the date approaches, not down, but I may be able to find deals on hotels etc?

Tips appreciated!

Spending a Few Days on Aegina

I am helping a friend plan her trip to Aegina. I have been, but I forget the details and wonder if any of you can help.

There are some religious sites to see, such as the relics of Saint Nektarios, and I need help figuring out where on the island to go. Which Ferry port is best? What's the name of the church or monastery? Can I do this as a day trip from Athens?

Thanks in advance!
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