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As a big coffee drinker (any time of day, any type of coffee, LOL), what type of Greek coffee is your favorite?

In Greece I drink a mix between Frappe and hot Greek coffee. At home in the US, I drink drip, ice coffee and espresso.
Show your photos of your coffee that you are drinking (even if it is not Greek):



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I love Greek coffee!
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Freddo Cappuccino ALLLL the way! Especially if it's served to you under an umbrella on a beach :)

Frappe!! Can't be beaten in my opinion


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I love a traditional Greek coffee, you know it's real when it's cooked in the hot sand with the briki 😎
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I love frappe! I've been drinking it with oat milk and almond milk lately because I'm lactose intolerant and its pretty good :)

Quick Greek Dinner Ideas

Many of the Greek dishes I know how to cook are very time consuming for me to put together, like stuffed grape leaves and spanakopita.

Sometimes, I want to eat Greek food, but I don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Can you think of some easy Greek suppers besides salads to eat? I cook village salad and cabbage salad, but am also open for suggestions for different salads. I know I could always serve souvlaki with them. I know that is fairly quick, aside from the marinating.

Greek Cheeses to Eat in Greece...

Growing up outside of Greece, I ate a lot of Feta Cheese ... I mean, it's delicious! Also, it's the easiest to find.

I know that there are a ton of different cheeses in Greece, though, and the cheeses that are available are somewhat regional.

Here is where I know I am definitely going:


And if I have time, I was hoping to head to Santorini. I will be in Greece for about a month and I am not sure how long I will stay in each place. There's a lot to see and do in Athens alone, plus I have people to visit.

Other "Leaves" to Use for Stuffing?

I have seen various "stuffed" leaf-type dishes in Greek cuisine, and I am realizing that the filling is always pretty similar. The two common ones I see are grape leaves (delicious in early summer when I can pick the leaves) and cabbage.

I noticed that there are other types of "leaves" that can be used. I think someone says they often use Swiss chard? What else can be used? I love every type of dish in this category. Thanks!

Quick Greek-style pasta dishes?

Last time I was in Greece I ate a lot of pasta dishes. It seems like a common dish for every day cuisine. I had a version with Greek yogurt - I would love to learn how to make it! I also had something with an egg on it, someone told me it was from Mani? Does anyone know anything about these dishes? What other pasta dishes do Greeks eat?
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