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Does anyone know a bit more about why the civil war in Greece started?


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Politics can get complicated. After the end of German occupation of Greece in WWII, were two groups that wanted to take power: the non-Communists/Government Army and the Communists.

The civil war was fought on and off between 1943 and 1949. The United States provided support to the Greek government in order to prevent Greece from falling into the Soviet sphere of influence.

A little bit about the ancient library of Alexandria

The Library’s founders wanted it to be a repository of knowledge, so they sent agents with large sums of money to buy as many scrolls as possible about any subject and by any author. The Library throve for decades and became especially famous for its many works on literary criticism. The Library of Alexandria was destroyed in a war during the late 3rd century A.D.

What is the history of the olympics?

I love ancient Greece and the olympics!! What is the history of the games and when did it become an international event?

Weird Ancient Greek superstitions

Did you know that some Ancient Greeks wouldn't eat beans because they said they contained the souls of dead people....eeek! Do you know of any other superstitions?

What was the culture of Sparta like?

This warrior society is too good not to know more about it!! What was ancient Sparta like?

What is the history of the marathon?

I know that the marathon originated in ancient Greece...but what is the history and how did we end up with the modern day marathon?


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