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I live in a predominately Greek neighborhood and a lot of my neighbors and friends are always talking about fasting… but I'm a little confused. I didn't know some Christians fasted. What is Greek orthodox fasting? What are you allowed eat or do and what are you not allowed to do?
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That is such a good question. A lot of people don't know that some Greek people fast. I don't know too much about it, because I don't personally fast myself. But my grandma usually avoids eating meat eggs fish and milk before any major holidays, especially Easter.


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What time do Greeks eat their meals?

I'm planning my trip to Greece, and from what I've been told Greek people eat at different times than people from other countries. What are the most popular meal time is in Greece? What time should I plan to go out for dinner, lunch, and breakfast?

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How are you celebrating Greek Independence Day this year?

There won't be any parades :( so I'm looking for fun ways to keep the Greek spirit alive, any tips?


What is a good gift for visiting a Greek family?

Hi everyone! My husband is Greek and I'll be visiting his family for a few days during Easter. What's something nice I can bring? Do you recommend something for the home like a vase? Or food?

How much money is acceptable for a Greek baptism gift?

I'm going to a Greek baptism this summer in Athens and I was wondering how much money is normal for a baptism gift. I've been to many baptisms before but my family is Catholic so I don't know how Greek baptisms are different.

Happy Greek Independence Day!!

Happy Greek Independence Day everyone! I'm so grateful to have this platform and community. I wish everyone health, safety, and happiness. How are all of you celebrating today? Drop your pics in this thread! 🇬🇷


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