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This is some thing that I’ve noticed throughout the culture, and of course from the classic movie, My Big Fat at Greek Wedding. And I am just wondering, what is the actual reason that Greek people usually only marry within their culture? Does it have something to do with history, religion, or anything else? This is also some thing that is pretty common amongst other cultures, I definitely see it strongly in Jewish culture, Middle Eastern cultures, and Indian culture as well.


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It's because we understand each other. The Greek culture is also very strong and we bring hellenism wherever we go. If we marry a non-greek then we force them to accept the Greek culture.

It's not just Greeks, it's also other cultures/races too... people tend to marry people who have similar customs/histories/backgrounds
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I married a northern Italian and I regret it every day Greeks are different but all the same doesn’t matter where you are we all understand each other.


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I think this is a bigger deal in the US. My husband had many Greek Americans try and convince him not to marry me. They could introduce him to a nice Greek girl. Relatives in Greece were extremely welcoming and we have cousins and friends there that are married to non-Greeks. 33 years later we are still married, have a summer home in Greece and visit for two months every year.
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It really all depends on the family. I have plenty of Greek friends who didn't marry Greeks, and all of my cousins didn't marry Greeks. Although, speaking from experience, it can be hard. It's nice to have someone as a partner who understands your cultural background.

Gifts for visiting people in Greece ideas

I am visiting Greece this summer and will be staying with people. I want to give them a gift of appreciation! Is this something that is customary? If so, what should I give? They are friends that I met on vacation once, and we kept in touch. They stayed with me for a bit a few years ago and brought some wine from Greece. They didn't have to do that but was happy they made the gesture. Any ideas besides wine?

Learning Greek percussion

I am a percussionist (hand drumming) and usually when I jam out with other Greek musicians, I usually play the bongos.

I decided that I want to learn the traditional Greek hand drums but the problem is, I don't know what the drums are called and where I can get one. I looked online but since I don't know what I am searching for, I couldn't find anything.

Not sure I would need lessons, but it would be nice to also have access to a resource that can show me some beats, or find a local musician.

Greek Festival Season is Here!

I just wanted to share that I am so excited that Greek festival season is here! I tend to travel visiting family and friends throughout the United States and Canada during the warm weather time of year, for weddings and stuff. I have family in a few different places so have caught festivals all over the place.

One of my favorites is the Greek Summerfest in July in Vancouver. I also went to a big Greek festival in Chicago that I loved. Where is your favorite? I might want to visit!

Fasting or Giving Something Up for Lent

Orthodox Christian Lent started today... I am curious - what do people here do for it? Many people I know "give something up" other people "Fast" according to the prescribed church fast.

I am not sure what I want to do this year. It is hard following the fast, but also not too bad because I don't eat a lot of meat.. I might want to do something that feels a bit more personal...

Learning Greek Dances

Does anyone know of any good resources for learning Greek dances? I looked on YouTube - there are some tutorials but not for all the dances I would like to learn. Festival season is coming up and I want to learn more about the dancing so I can join in.

I know, I can join the line at the end and figure it out, but I have a tough time learning how to dance that way, I need to take a step back and get some instruction.
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