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This is some thing that I’ve noticed throughout the culture, and of course from the classic movie, My Big Fat at Greek Wedding. And I am just wondering, what is the actual reason that Greek people usually only marry within their culture? Does it have something to do with history, religion, or anything else? This is also some thing that is pretty common amongst other cultures, I definitely see it strongly in Jewish culture, Middle Eastern cultures, and Indian culture as well.


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It's because we understand each other. The Greek culture is also very strong and we bring hellenism wherever we go. If we marry a non-greek then we force them to accept the Greek culture.

It's not just Greeks, it's also other cultures/races too... people tend to marry people who have similar customs/histories/backgrounds
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I married a northern Italian and I regret it every day Greeks are different but all the same doesn’t matter where you are we all understand each other.


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I think this is a bigger deal in the US. My husband had many Greek Americans try and convince him not to marry me. They could introduce him to a nice Greek girl. Relatives in Greece were extremely welcoming and we have cousins and friends there that are married to non-Greeks. 33 years later we are still married, have a summer home in Greece and visit for two months every year.
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It really all depends on the family. I have plenty of Greek friends who didn't marry Greeks, and all of my cousins didn't marry Greeks. Although, speaking from experience, it can be hard. It's nice to have someone as a partner who understands your cultural background.

Listen to this beautiful song covered by Xaris Alexiou

Xaris Alexiou does a beautiful rendition of the song Barbagiannakakis. It seems that this video clips from a movie, so if anyone knows where it's from I would really appreciate it. I believe the song was originally written and sung by Andonis Diamantidis but I could be wrong, since many songs have just been passed around. This particular piece is a classic from Asia Minor.

Here is an overview of the beliefs of the Greek Orthodox Church

Of course, there are many variations as to what every individual Greek Orthodox person believes. Either way, there are a few official beliefs of the Greek Orthodox Church, many of which stand out from different Christian sects. The main belief of the Greek Orthodox Church is the holy trinity, which includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This video does a pretty good job of explaining everything, I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you have any questions about Greek Orthodoxy, I would love to answer them.\

What are some forgotten Greek traditions that youd like to bring back?

There are so many beautiful Greek traditions that many of us don’t do anymore. Personally, I don’t attend church as much as I’d like to. I usually only go for Christmas and Easter and I would love to start going more often. What are some traditions that you have lost over the years that you’d like to start doing again? 😊

Koufeta or boubounieres are the most popular Greek wedding favors

Koufeta which are also called boubounieres are Greek wedding and baptism favors. They are usually nuts covered in chocolate and wrapped in soul with a ribbon. The candies are usually white or pastel colored. They are handed out as a favour at the end of the wedding or baptism, and as a way to say thank you or remember the wedding or baptism. I see more and more families being a bit more creative with their favorites. Last year I went to a wedding where a small jars of honey or hand it out, it was very neat.

Did you know that many Greek people dont have registries for their weddings?

Registries are not a common phenomenon in Greece, and I’m not too sure why. Ever since I’ve been going to weddings, people wil just for envelopes of cash or checks. This is super normal in Greek culture and is considered much easier than either but gifts that people don’t need or setting up an entire registry. On top of that, many older Greek people are not super tech savvy and it would be difficult for them to navigate an online registry. Just something to know when attending any Greek weddings!
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