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Agios Nikolaos is a very important Saint all over Greece, but he has a particular importance in Crete and his feast is highly celebrated. Agios Nikolaos is the protector of children, they need to come and fisherman. Fisherman or an extremely big part of Crete and he is said to protect Crete's fisherman, who are a big part of the islands economy and well-being. He is from a city by the sea in Asia Minor so he has another connection to the sea there. On December 6, port cities in Crete celebrate with festivities and celebrate the navy and the military. Agios Nikolaos is also the patron saint of the city Agios Nikolaos in Crete.

Dont miss out on Hersonissos, Crete!

I feel like Hersonissos is the part of Crete that is often overlooked!! Look how beautiful it is 😍 I definitely recommend adding it to your list in Crete along with Iraklio and Chania.


Did you know that you can go spring skiing in Crete?

You'd be shocked to find out that you can go skiing in Greece, and not only skiing in Greece, but skiing in one of graces most beautiful islands, Crete! There is a beautiful snow range called Lefka Ori that is gaining a lot of tourists lately. One of the best things about travelling to Crete in the spring is that there are a lot less tourists and the prices will be great! I wish I could check it out but I am trapped because of the omicron variant, maybe next year!

Horse back riding in Crete is so beautiful

I was looking at some activities to do in Crete and I think horseback riding will for sure be on my list!

Santa drops off gifts in Crete using a paraglider!!

This is such a wonderful story to brighten up our dreary covid Christmas! A few Santa's gathered in Crete to drop off Christmas gifts in Crete while flying in paragliders. I hope to see many more initiatives like this especially because its so nice for the locals and the tourists. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Years!

These are the top places to visit in Crete, Greece

These are the places that you must see when you visit Crete!!

1. Elafonissi
2. Minoan Palaces
3. Samaria Gorge
4. Old Venetian Harbor
5. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

This is what Elafonisi beach looks like...just stunning 😍
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