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Yeahhhhhhhh yeah Yeahhhhhhhh!
Finally after 50 years Greece shines !I have been part of this journey with Greece for a very long time!❤️❤️ Just wish I was in good ol'London town to witness this memorable occasion!

Amazing! So great to see
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What are your favorite websites for booking tickets to Greece?

I personally like to use a few of them to see where I can get the best price. I like Kayak, because it compares a few different companies. I also use Google flights and Skyscanner. What about all of you? I can't wait to travel to Greece again :)

Does anyone have advice for shipwreck beach?

This is what shipwreck beach looks like for anyone wondering. I want to go so bad!!! Ive been admiring pictures for a long time now :) Does anyone have advice for how to get to the beach etc.?


Is it more difficult to island hop in Greece because of covid?

What has been everyones experience? Should I stick to one island instead of jumping around?

World Travel Awards name Greece as the top tourist destination for Europe in 2021

Visit Greece App on Google play!

I think I have posted this previously but there is a new competition.... very useful and informative officially operated by GNTO..... Greece National Tourism Organisation!❤️👌
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