Greek American Chamber of Commerce Announces a New Board of Trustees

greek-american-chamber-of-commerce(New Jersey, United States) – The Greek American Chamber of Commerce announced that they have elected a new Board of Trustees. The board, which is led by Michael Hadjiloucas, will continue to lead the Chamber in its efforts to assist business owners and professionals in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

According to the official website of the Greek American Chamber of Commerce, the organization’s mission is to:

  • Advance the commercial interests of the Greek American community.
  • Promote trade and business cooperation among Greek American businesspeople.
  • Facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge within the Greek American business community.
  • Promote trade with Greece and Cyprus.

The board consists of Chairman of the Board and CEO Michael Hadjiloucas, President of the New Jersey Branch, Paul Adams, who works at the National Financial Network, and Doctor Elias Iliadis of Cooper University Hospital in Philadelphia. The Vice Chairman is Vice Chairman George N. Pappas- CPA, the treasurer is Constantine Ioannou, a Senior at EisnerAmper  LLP, the secretary is Joseph Antonakakis with YES Insurance Services, and there are several other members on the board who will all help the board further the mission of the organization. They are also dedicated to influencing the economic future of the Greek American community.

According to the official website, the Greek American Chamber of Commerce is, “the vehicle that can propel young Greek American businesspeople toward success by giving them the opportunity to meet other successful persons in the Greek American community.” It is also described as, “an institution that helps create strong and lasting business contacts for seasoned members of the Greek American business community.” Founded in 1992 in New Jersey, the Chamber has expanded into Pennsylvania. The newly elected Board of Trustees is eager to further the aims of the organization of the whole to benefit the Hellenic community.

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