Top Greek Chefs Celebrate Oh My Greek Week in Melbourne, Australia

oh-my-greek-week(Melbourne, Australia) – Oh My Greek Week, an event that celebrates Greek cuisine, will be taking place in Melbourne, Australia from November 21, 2016 to November 26, 2016. To celebrate, the city has invited top chefs who specialize in Greek cuisine to help make the event a success. The event, which is dubbed OMG week, was developed by George Calombaris, a Greek-Cypriot chef from Australia, whose made it his mission to share Greek cuisine with the people of Australia on a large scale through his television shows, books, and restaurants that are located throughout the Melbourne area.

Christoforos Peskias, a chef from Athens who will be traveling to Melbourne for the event, said that, “In Australia and the US, where Greeks emigrated en masse in the 1960s, Greek cuisine was for years synonymous with the dishes that were common in Greece at that time.” OMG Week will not only celebrate those dishes, but also highlight food trends in Greece that popular today. Other chefs who have been invited to the event include Stelios Parliaros, Alexandros Tsiotinis, Maria Loi, Yiannis Baxevanis, Gikas Xenakis, and Georgianna Haliakaki. Each of these chefs has made a positive contribution to Greek cuisine throughout the world.

Peskias has also said that, “The welcome we received last year from Australia’s Greek community was incredibly warm, as the country’s cuisine is intrinsically linked to its cultural heritage. The event was attended by so many people – not only from the catering industry but also regular consumers, both Greek and Australian.”

The first OMG Week took place last year and was so successful, Chef Calombaris decided to run it again. This year’s proves to be even more successful. It was especially popular amongst Australia’s youth, who are familiar with Calombaris because of his television appearances. Last year, he was a judge on the popular show, Masterchef Australia.

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