New App Offers Readings From Your Coffee Cup

Greek Coffee(Greece) – Most Greeks have had their coffee cups read at one time or another. Lore as to how coffee cups are read have usually been passed down through the generations. In order for it to work, traditional Greek coffee needs to be used because after the liquid is drunk, the grounds form patterns. It is by interpreting these patterns that people are able to make predictions and tell fortunes. But what happens if you have an urge to have your fortune read but don’t have anyone around who can interpret the symbols in your coffee cup?

A new app that is available on smartphones attempts to solve that problem. Developed by people associated with the Ocean Coffee Chain, which operates out of Thessaloniki, the app tells the fortunes for free as long as they buy a cup of coffee through Ocean Coffee. If you aren’t specifically drinking Ocean Coffee, you will need to pay for each reading.

Users are asked to drink your traditional coffee, turn the cup over onto the saucer and leave it there for at least five minutes, and then snap three clear pictures of the inside of the cup from different angles. Upload them to the app and then wait for your reading. Someone experienced at reading Greek coffee cups will get back to you. The service is offered in English, Greek, Turkish, and Arabic.

Kostas Koukoulis, the General Director at Ocean Coffee, said that, “Our application ‘Coffee Cup fortune Telling Greek Style’ appeared on play store after six months of work and testing. I believe in the Greek culture and tradition and that we must always be connected to our tradition.”

If you’re not satisfied with your reading, you could request another try. You could also update your information in your profile so that you are more likely to get the type of reading that you desire.


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