Greek Music Ensemble to Perform at Berklee College of Music in Boston – Musical Odyssey IV: Tribute to Vasilis Tsitsanis

vasilis-tsitsanis(Boston, Massachusetts, United States) – The Greek Music Ensemble, in collaboration with the Tsitsanis Museum, and the Municipality of Trikala-Greece, presents a concert celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the birth of Vasilis Tsitsanis, a singer and songwriter from Greece and he also played the bouzouki. This performance is designed to celebrate his life and works and will take place on October 12, 2016 at 8:00 PM at the Berklee Perframnce Center at 136 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston, MA. 

Born in 1915, Vasilis Tsitsanis is considered to be one of the leading composers of his time for traditional Greek music and he is also known for his proficiency on the bouzouki. He also is widely regarded as one of the founders of post-World-War II “Rebetiko” and “Laiko” genres of Greek music. He wrote more than 500 songs and is still remembered as an extraordinary composer and bouzouki player.

Rebetiko is a term used to designate originally disparate kinds of urban Greek folk music. Although nowadays treated as a single genre, Rebetiko is, musically speaking, a synthesis of elements of European music, the music of the various areas of the Greek mainland and the Greek islands, Greek Orthodox ecclesiastical chant, often referred to as Byzantine music, and the modal traditions of Ottoman art music and café music.

Among many contributions to Greek music, Tsitsanis succeeded in taking Rebetiko out from a decades-old “subculture” status, giving it a new poetic and musical form and situating it in the new social and political reality of Greece after the Second World War. The performance will expose a wider audience to this unique style of music while also giving existing Rebetiko fans a chance to celebrate one of the genre’s masters. 

Tickets purchased in advance will cost $8 per person and those purchased on the day of the performance will cost $12 per person.


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