Eastern University in Pennsylvania opens the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture

agora-institute(Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States) – The Agora Institute at Eastern University in Wayne, Pennsylvania has just added the Center for Orthodox Thought to its program, which will enable students attending the university to minor in Orthodox Thought and Culture. This program allows those who are interested in the Orthodox Christian religion, which is practiced by the majority of the population in countries such as Greece, to study it in an academic setting at a noted Christian university. Dr. Gary (Cyril) Jenkins, one of the project’s founders, said that the project will, “serve as an intellectual and spiritual home for Orthodox students and scholars.”

For this fall semester, the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture is running its first class titled, “Modern Greek Literature in Translation.” It is being taught by Anastasia Alexander, M.A., who has extensive experience in topics such as Comparative Literature and both Ancient and Modern Greek. Cosmos Philly, a publication in Pennsylvania, has said that, “the course will explore the texts’ distinctively Greek character, how they reflect Greek life, culture, religion, philosophy and history…and seek to understand the place of Modern Greek Literature within the field of European and Oriental (Asia Minor) literature, focusing on the common themes of the human condition.”

The Agora Institute website has also described the upcoming programs regarding the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture. The website says that, “students at the Center benefit from a rigorous education in the Great Books of Eastern Christianity, a daily cycle of Orthodox worship and, as fully integrated students in the Eastern University system, are able to pursue accredited degrees in 35+ different fields.” Students have expressed that no matter what their major at the university is, they also appreciate knowing about the church fathers. This is something that they can learn through the programs at the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture.

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