Greek-Owned Fashion Boutique Opens in Pennsylvania

LILA Boutique(Manayunk, Pennsylvania) – Two Greek American sisters, Lisa Lamprou and Laura Ann Lamprou, are opening a new fashion boutique in Pennsylvania. The two sisters have very distinct personal styles, but they have successfully merged them, along with their love of travel, to create an eclectic fashion and lifestyle brand. Although their e-store has been open for business since July 2015, they recently decided to open up their first storefront. Ever since the online store launched, they have been solely focused on building their online brand.

The store showcases finds from all over the world, and according to their website, many of the global brands are exclusively available in the United States only through their shop. According to their website, the sisters say, “We are ‘wander lusters’ with an insatiable passion for fashion. LILA fulfills our desire to share unique and chic finds from around the globe.” Shoppers to both the store front and the online store will find fashions from around the world that are of the finest quality.

Lisa and Laura Anne Lamprou have stated that growing up  in a global setting helped spark the desire to create a fashion and lifestyle brand that has these influences.  LILA Fashion International was influenced by the time they spent living in Saudi Arabia and Greece before moving to the United States. During their school days, they spent a lot of time traveling internationally, which also helped spark their love of travel. They have also said that they each have two distinct styles, and that played a part in shaping their brand, as well.

They said on their website, “While our personal styles diverge (Lisa likes edgy with a touch of punk; Laura Anne favors feminine and embellished looks), we both appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and culturally inspired artistry. Through LILA, we have created a world market showcasing artistic talent that has not yet been introduced in the U.S.” The new shop is located on Main Street in Manayunk, Pennsylvania.


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