Helen Greek Food and Wine in Houston Texas Named One of America’s Best New Restaurants

Helen Greek Food and Wine(Houston, Texas, United States) – Helen Greek Food and Wine, a restaurant in Houston, Texas, was just named one of the 21 Best New Restaurants in America for 2016. The list, which is compiled by Bill Addison, a top food critic, highlights restaurants from all over the country. Helen Greek Food and Wine is the only Greek restaurant to have made the list.

The Helen Greek Food and Wine website introduces the cuisine by saying, “We blend Greek regional cuisine – dishes from the mountains and the islands and everywhere in between – with local seafood, produce and meats, sourced from the best of Houston-area vendors to create a menu that feels both exotic and familiar. Siga-siga, take it easy, and come enjoy a meal with us.”

Bill Addison of Eater.com agrees with this idea, which is one of the major reasons why the restaurant made his list. In his review, he was particularly impressed with the restaurant’s hortopita, which is similar to spanakopita except uses other greens besides spinach, such as dandelions and collards, as well as a blend of Greek cheeses. Addison especially loved the way the flaky filo crust broke apart to reveal the delicious filling. He says that the food at Helen Greek Food and is some of the finest Greek food in the country.

The restaurant was started by Evan Turner, a Sommelier who decided to create a restaurant centered around his love of wine and food from Greece. Addison notes that the wine list is particularly impressive and features wines made from top grapes from Greece such as Assyrtikos, Xinomavros, and Agiorgitikos. Addison also notes that Turner has made the wines especially accessible by explaining them in a way that make people eager to try them. They also pair with the food on the menu in an artful way.

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