Greek Olympic Hopeful Training in Tarpon Springs Thanks to a Nonprofit

Olympics(Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States) – Because of Greece’s economic difficulties, elite runner Andreas Dimitrakis assumed that his dream to run in the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro wouldn’t be realized. However, thanks to the Arete Internation Athletic Club, Dimitrakis now has a real chance. Thanks to their assistance, he was able to move to Florida to undergo training that will help him achieve his dream. After visiting Tarpon Springs for the first time, he knew that he wanted to stay and train. Andreas Dimitrakis’ running coach, Jeff Vargas, a Greek-American, is the executive director of the Arete International Athletic Club. He has said that the plight of the Greek athletes has fascinated him since 2013 when he was living and training in Greece. During his experience in Greece, he noticed that the training programs and facilities were in poor condition.

The athletes also watched their opportunities fade in Greece due to lack of funds. He knew that he wanted to find a way to help. This desire began Dimitrakis’ journey to the United States. When Vargas shared his concerns about the Greek athletes with the Greek runner, Apostles Baranowski, he introduced Vargas to Dimitrakis’. The rest is history.Nick Zembellis, a board member at Arete, looks at the nonprofit’s program to help Greek athletes as a way to honor his Greek heritage. Greek-Americans owe their livelihoods to their ancestors, who came to the United States in search of a better future. Arete wants to give those same opportunities to Greeks today. Dimatrakis has a real shot of doing well at the Olympic Games, and he deserves a chance. T

he Olympic Games began in Ancient Greece centuries ago. The first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens in 1896 and has been running on a regular schedule ever since. The Olympic Games returned to Athens in 2004, and many of the facilities have since fallen into disrepair due to lack of funds and general neglect. The Arete International Athletic Club is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping young Greek athletes create opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Their mission is to provide training, inspiration, and leadership that will help these athletes achieve their goals.


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