Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church Announces Greek Festival in Randolph NJ

Big Greek Festival(Randolf, New Jersey, USA) – Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church announces that it’s 46th Annual Big Greek Festival will take place on the weekend of Friday, June 10, 2016, with the opening ceremony happening at 4:45.  Those in attendance for the ceremony will include Assemblyman Anthony Bucco Jr., Morris County Freeholder Douglas Cabana, and several Roxbury councilmen and women.

BIG GREEK FESTIVAL is a celebration of all things Greek, and the ambiance shows it. From festive flags adorning the community center and outdoor taverna – a contemporary take on a traditional Greek bar and grill, to the fully costumed youth showing off their talent, BIG GREEK FESTIVAL attracts patrons who sometimes drive more than an hour to get a tasty treat with family and friends.

New visitors find the mix of sights, sounds and delicious dishes a way to get a taste of culture and tradition that spans decades. The volunteers begin preparing the menu months in advance.

As at every festival, Gyros and Souvlaki top the list of favorites, along with selections from the bakery and bar. An outdoor seating area under the Taverna tent offers a great way to keep an eye on children as they enjoy the games and activities in the adjacent area.

When twilight comes, the atmosphere becomes electric, featuring live entertainment from youth who’ve practiced all year, and live music from favorite Greek singers and entertainers. Sizzling, seasoned souvlaki becomes the perfect complement to any number of bar selections, especially with the exclusive Big Greek Festival drink, the “Blue Greek,” with Greek Ouzo as its base.


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