Santorini Greek Taverna in Cleveland, Ohio Will Launch Late Night Diner

santorini-greek-traverana(Cleveland, Ohio, United States) – Santorini Greek Taverna, which is located in Cleveland’s Warehouse district, has temporarily closed its doors for rebranding. Originally, the restaurant focused on serving high end modern Greek cuisine, but the owner, Tommy Karakostas, decided to change the focus from contemporary Greek cuisine to late night, diner-style Greek comfort foods.

Karakostas has indicated that the “contemporary” theme hasn’t done as well as he hoped. He said, “It lasted almost two years. I take a lot of pride and responsibility in all my places. Maybe the prices were too high, maybe people weren’t used to that type of Greek cuisine because it was a little out of the ordinary from what people are used to here. But whatever the reason, it just didn’t make it and I had to make the tough decision to shut it down.”

The restaurant is scheduled to be closed until some time in December where it will receive some interior modifications. When it reopens, it will be called, “Santorini Sunrise.” This diner-style restaurant will be open 24 hours a day Fridays through Sundays. Karakostas has said that he always wanted to open an American-style diner. Santorini Sunrise will include both American and Greek favorites on its menu. Guests can enjoy foods such as gyros, bacon and eggs, wraps, and a variety of Greek dishes. The diner will also serve alcohol until 2:30 AM on the weekends.

When asked if he was disappointed that he had to close his restaurant temporarily to rebrand and he indicated that he wasn’t at all and that it was all part of the process of being an entrepreneur. He said, “I’m not discouraged at all with what happened. You just keep moving forward, try something new and see what works. I still really believe in the space, in the building, in the neighborhood and city, so I’m not giving up.”

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