Steubenville Greek Festival Ends Today

Steubenville Greek Festival(Steubenville, Ohio, United States) – The 3oth Annual Steubenville Greek Festival is celebrating its last day today, June 17, 2016 at the grounds of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Steubenville, Ohio. The festivities kicked off today at 11 AM and will go on until 9 PM. Festival volunteers had been busy preparing for the event since February and have made things such as Greek pastries and other foods for festival guests to enjoy. Not only that, but this is a chance for the people of the community to experience the Greek culture firsthand. Guests can not only enjoy a delicious meal, but they can also listen to Greek music, dance traditional dances, and enjoy shopping at some of the festival vendors.

For most people, however, the real draw is the food and many festival goers look forward to the event each year because it gives them a chance to enjoy some of their favorites. This year, festival organizers announced on their website that ordering food is easier than ever because they implemented an online ordering system, which allows people to order ahead if they know they want to eat at the festival, or order food for pickup to enjoy at home. They also accept food orders by phone, fax, and through the traditional way of entering the food line while at the festival. Food specialties include gyros, loukaniko, plaki, and lamb stew as well as a variety of Greek pastries and cookies such as baklava.

In addition to enjoying all that the festival has had to offer, festival goers have also contributed to the community in a positive way. On Wednesday evening, festival attendees noticed some suspicious people loitering around some of the parked vehicles so they called the police. As it turned out, the two individuals were suspects for a series of car break-ins that occurred early in the day. The police have said that this is a great example of how ordinary citizens can work together with law enforcement to keep communities safe.

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