Manufacturer Expands Canned Greek Mountain Tea to US Markets

Tuvunu(United States) – Greek manufacturer Hellas Farms has created a beverage called Tuvunu that is made with ironwort, also referred to as Greek mountain tea, and has recently expanded the beverage’s market to the United States. Greek mountain tea, so named because it grows wild on the mountains of Greece, is something that most people who live in Greece know well. Considered a “cure-all” for ailments such as the common cold, respiratory complaints, and for digestive issues, most people who live in Greece at least occasionally drink the prepared tea.

Tuvunu, whose name is derived from a Greek word meaning “of the mountains”, is based in Greece but is now offering the product in select locations in the United States, such as delis in Manhattan and also in various ethnic grocery stores. It is also widely available through Amazon. It retails for $2.49 for a 16.9 ounce can in various and can be purchased in six-packs at $14.94, which is its current listing price on Amazon.

In order for the beverage to be made, the ironwort needs to be harvested from the mountains by hand. The plant grows wild in Greece in abundance and it isn’t cultivated. The plant is harvested primarily in the Thrace region of Greece where it is especially common.

The company says that its a highly popular drink in Greece, possibly because the people are familiar with the herb and already enjoy the way it tastes. In the United States, the company is targeted those who are health conscious who love to try new things. The drink is made with a tisane of the herb, is lightly sweetened, and then a slight fizz is added. All at once, the beverage is described as a soda replacement, health product, and a beverage that can be drunk for pure enjoyment. The flavor is described as tasting incredibly smooth with hints of fizz and also has a light floral flavor.


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