Submissions Open for Greek Australian Short Film Festival

(Australia) – The Greek Australian Short Film Festival, or GASFF, is now in its eighth year and submissions are now open. The film festival is open to filmmakers of Greek origin as well as filmmakers who are not of Greek origin who have created short films that somehow relate to Greece or the Greek people. It also helps if the filmmakers have some Greek blood, but according to the festival website, this isn’t necessarily a requirement as long as the film has to do with Greece.

The goal of the festival is to highlight movies that showcase elements of the Greek culture in film and to celebrate the people who have created these movies. It is also an enjoyable event that always draws a healthy crowd. According to the GASFF official website, ” Their vision was to showcase up and coming filmmakers who were making short films with Greek connections, with an initial  focus on local films.”

The Greek Australian Short Film Festival is associated with the Greek Film Festivals of Sydney and Melbourne. Ultimately, the winner of the GASFF will win a $1000 prize. The page on the Greek Australian film festival talks about what GASF really is. It says, “The Australian Shorts program reflects Australia’s cultural diversity in its storytelling with genres like poetry, science fiction, animation, documentary and drama. The International Shorts Program includes films from Greece, Norway, USA and Canada with their distinct stories and Greek connections.”

Typically, there are three awards given out during the festival – Best National Film, Best International Film, and the Audience Award. In 2016, the winner for Best National Film was Olympic Nick, a Donutumentary, the winner for Best International Film was Dinner for Few, and the Audience Awards went to the movie 3000. Each year, festival organizers select movies for the festival that they feel represent the best in Greek short film. This year is no different.

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