Smoking Goat Greek Restaurant Opens in the Sydney Rowing Club

TSG-logo-goat-circle(Sydney, Australia) – The Smoking Goat Restaurant, which serves modern Greek cuisine, is now open for business. Located in the Sydney Rowing Club, the restaurant is a collaboration between the Rowing Club and the Dedes Waterfront Group, which has over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry. The restaurant is devoted to not only serving up delicious Greek cuisine, but also finding the freshest ingredients possible to form the basis of the meals. They also believe that sharing good food with family and friends is at the heart of the dining experience.

Restarateur Con Dedes has opened up several restaurants over his thirty-five year career, including a Japanese restaurant, Italian restaurant, and others. This is his first foray into Greek cuisine. However, he explains that through the Smoking Goat, he has gone back to his Greek roots. His mother and father were both born in Greece and he’s been back to visit his father’s village, where there are many goats roaming around with other animals. The restaurant name is reminiscent of that village, while also pointing to some of the smoked meats that are on the menu.

Most of the dishes on the menu are inspired by Greek cuisine but they all have a modern twist. These include prawn saganaki with garlic, slow roasted lamb shoulder, lemon Greek yogurt with noodles,  rabbit stifado, and appetizers such as taramasalata and pita bread. The menu is focused on delivering healthy Greek food, which is part of the Mediterranean diet. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner and they do change their menu periodically.

Their aim is to give diners an outstanding and affordable experience. The space where the restaurant is in has been newly renovated, which makes it an attractive choice for locals. It says on their website that, “We believe that the careful planning of The Smoking Goat has created an experience that ticks many boxes, providing a unique Greek food journey with the flexibility to be enjoyed as a casual lunch with good friends to the perfect setting to celebrate a special occasion. We hope you enjoy this new offer as much as we enjoyed creating it.”


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