Greek-Australian Play ‘Taxithi’ is Nominated for Two Green Room Awards

(Australia) – The Greek-Australian play, Taxithi – An Australian Odyssey, has been nominated for two prestigious Green Room Awards. The play, which was written by Helen Yotis Patterson, has been nominated for Best Ensemble and Best Direction. The three actors in the play are Helen Yotis Patterson, Maria Mercedes, and Artemis Ioannides, who are all three up for Best Ensemble. Petra Kalive, the director of the play, is nominated for Best Direction.

Taxithi is a three-woman play that tells the story of Greeks who move to Australia to begin a new life. The story takes place during the 1950’s and 1960’s, which is a time that many people left Greece in order to escape the hardships they faced in their home country. The story is told partially through song and although the stories are unique to each woman followed throughout the play, the story does touch on universal themes. The audience is invited into their lives as they build these new lives and all the successes and hardships that come with it.

Artemis Ioannides is the daughter of Greek immigrants, and she indicated that this play has a special place in her heart. She told the publication, Neos Kosmos, “I feel very fortunate to have been granted the privilege to be a body and voice for those resilient women who over the years silently wove their longing for home into Australia’s DNA. The response of the audience made up of Australians from all cultural backgrounds, was overwhelming and completely humbling.”

The Green Room Awards began in 1982 and are in place to celebrate the best that Australian theater has to offer. According to the website, the Green Awards recognize, “Outstanding achievements in productions from Cabaret, Contemporary & Experimental Performance, Dance, Independent Theatre, Music Theatre, Opera and Theatre Companies. The awards acknowledge the contributions of the many, diverse artists and technicians who work on stage, back stage, in the grid and in the pit.” The awards ceremony will take place on March 27, 2017.

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