Niagara Greek Community Participated in the Niagara Folk Arts Festival

Greek Community of Niagara Logo(Niagara, Canada) – The Niagara Greek Community, which is the cultural arm of Saint Katherine Orthodox Church, has participated in the Niagara Folk Arts Festival this past weekend from May 12 – May 14 and the efforts were met with great success. The mission of the festival is to bring people together from various cultures and this year, several members of the Greek community allowed people to sample food, dance, listen to Greek music, and learn a little something about the Greek culture.

John Paraskevopoulos, the President of the Niagara Greek Community, estimated that they had as many as 6000 visitors to the Greek Community Centre on Niagara Street over the course of the event. He explained that it was something new, and the members of the community were thrilled at the reception their open house received. They served Greek specialties such as souvlaki, tiropita, moussaka, bakalava and loukoumades while also giving guests a chance to dance and listen to Greek music, all in a social environment. These are all things that people believe makes the Greek culture so welcoming. The open houses have been so successful for the Greek community that the decided to add an extra day to the schedule.

The Niagara Folk Arts Festival is packed with events that celebrate various cultures and the Greek Community is always happy to take part.  It’s one of the biggest cultural events in the Niagara area and it is not only a place to learn about Greece, but other cultures as well. The festival opened its doors on May 5 and will end on May 29. Other organizations and cultures will be hosting their open houses in the days to come and there are still plenty of cultural events left in the schedule.

Saint Katherine’s Orthodox Church is the only Greek church in the Niagara area, which makes it the cultural center of the Greek community. The Niagara Greek Community organization has the goal of unifying the Greek community through events such as the Niagara Folk Arts Festival. They will also be hosting the Atlas Open Golf Tournament on June 6, 2016. They will also have a festival of their own from September 2nd to September 5th, 2015.


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