Several Greek Companies Deemed Best Workplaces in Europe

Places to Work(Greece) – Several Greek companies have been named as amongst the best places to work in all of Europe. In an awards ceremony that took place in Ireland on June 16, five Greek companies were awarded the honor along with ninety-five other European countries. The awards ceremony took place at an official dinner that was put on by the Royal Dublin Society.

The Greek companies that made the list include the Mars Group, which includes Mars Hellas and Royal Canin Hellas, Microsoft, AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, Diamantis Masoutis S.A, which is a chain of supermarkets, and Data Communication. They made it to the list along with other companies located throughout Europe, including 25 multinational corporations, 25 large groups that have 500 employees or more, and 50 small to medium sized enterprises that have anywhere from 50 to 500 employees. Mars Hellas was amongst those companies that made it to the top of the list. They came in first place amongst the rest of the multinational companies in Europe.

In order to select the Top 100 list, the organization first shortlisted about 2,250 companies from 19 countries. In total, these companies employ over 2.6 million people. After the composed the initial shortlist, the companies were scrutinized for topics such as working conditions, salary, benefits, trust amongst the employees and administration, job satisfaction, and whether or not there is camaraderie among workers. This survey has occurred yearly for around the past twenty years or so.

Dimitris Ganoudis, the head of the Great Place to Work in Greece organization, said that, “Companies that build on honesty, communication, respect and camaraderie prove that the elements of a good working environment continue to exist.”

The survey results were released at a time when good news about the economy and job market in Greece is most welcomed. Greece is currently in a recession, and the economy has struggled since before the first bailout occurred in 2010. The Greek government received the first wave of funds for the third bailout. As a result of the three bailouts, the government has had to meet a series of conditions put forth by the international creditors. Austerity measures have included tax increases, pension cuts, and civil salary reductions.


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