Greece Performs Poorly on the Digital Readiness Index

Digital Readiness Index(Greece) – According to a recent study by the Global Economic Forum, Greece has scored the lowest in Europe on the Digital Readiness Index. The Index measures how ready the countries are to take advantage of the latest digital technological advancements and seeks to measure how many opportunities have emerged in those countries because of the digital revolution. However, even though Greece has ranked the lowest in Europe, their performance wasn’t the lowest amongst all the countries that were assessed.

In the study findings, which have been presented by the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprise, or SEPE, Greece ranked number 70 out of 139 countries. This was a drop of four spots from last year, when it was ranked number 66 out of the 143 countries that were assessed. Last year, a few other European countries ranked slightly lower than Greece. For instance, Bulgaria improved their scores from last year, which caused them to surpass Greece’s performance.

Greece’s scores show that there is a need within the country to make digital technologies more available to the general population. SEPE has said that Greece needs to formulate a strategy that will allow them to take advantage of the opportunities that they could lead to. They have also said that these digital technologies could even aid in transforming the economy and society as a whole. The highest Greece has ever ranked in this annual review was number 48 out of 122 countries in 2007. This indicates that Greece is fairly slow to adopt new technologies.

There are those who believe that if Greece were quicker to adopt these new technologies, their economy would be in much better shape. Greece has recently received its first payment from its third bailout since 2010. The country badly needs this money to pay loans that are coming due from the International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank.


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