Greece Spends EU Money to Help Migrants

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(Greece) – A Greek official has said that much of the money that the EU gives to Greece as part of the bailout programs is being used to help control the migrant crisis. The Greek deputy foreign minister, Nikos Xydakis told reporters that Greece spends a lot of money trying to cope with the migrants, a situation that he referred to as a “humanitarian disaster.” Although Greece has gotten help from the EU as well as independent organizations, it’s still an expensive problem that is barely under control and that the nation is under constant pressure to deal with it.

More than one million people have arrived in Greece since 2015 but Xydakis has said that the situation is under control. However, it takes money to fund the camps and give the people the aid they require to boost their quality of life. In order to sustain this level of success, Greece needs long term assistance from the EU. Xydakis has claimed that although they have been promised funds to deal with the crisis, he also says that they haven’t been given all the money they were owed. He said, “We have been promised money which we are currently waiting for. The help didn’t come on time.” He maintains that once they do receive the funds, the government will use it for the migrant crisis.

Greece has been faced with economic difficulty since 2008 and have so far received bailout funds twice in order to help the country meet its expenses. Late last month, they received approval to unlock a third round of bailout funds. Xydakis has said that Greece has done everything it could to cope with the economic crisis within the country. Managing problems such as the refugee crisis take funds that the country is badly in need of, and they hope that the EU and other organizations will continue to help Greece cope with it.



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