EU to Give 115 Million Euros to Greece to Aid with Refugee Crisis

Refugee Children(Greece) – The European Union has pledged to give 115 million euros in funds to programs throughout Greece that are set up to aid the refugees and migrants who are living in state run and makeshift camps throughout Greece. EU officials on Saturday expressed that the money will be used for things such as schooling, food, upgraded living conditions, and better conditions for minors. This money is scheduled to arrive in Greece to benefit these programs before the winter.

EuropeanCommissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides said that, “We have to respond to the needs of migrants in the EU. Most of these people risked their lives and traveled in a plastic boat to get here. We are providing help to improve the conditions they are facing.”

There are about 60,000 refugees and migrants living in camps that are located throughout Greece and they all fled their countries in search of a better life. Most of the refugees living in Greece are waiting for their asylum applications to be processed and they are hoping to then settle into other countries throughout Europe where they will be able to start a new life and find jobs and schools for their kids. Meanwhile, the EU is hoping to improve their overall conditions in Greece for while the refugees and migrants wait to move on.

Human Rights Watch, a United States based organization, recently criticized the Greek government for using jail cells to house migrant children who were without their families. The EU decided to pledge the money about a day after the story broke. Much of the EU’s money will be used to improve conditions for these minors.  Ioannis Mousalas, the Greek Minister for Migration, said that, “We have said repeatedly that many of the facilities we have are not good quality and we are working to improve that.”


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