Germany Plans to Return 3000 Refugees to Greece

Agia-galini-harbour-in-crete-720x479(Greece) – Soon after it was announced that the Greek government announced plans to build a refugee camp on the island of Crete to help combat overcrowding in the Greek camps, the German government decided to send 3000 of its refugees back to Greece. Yiannis Mouzalas, the Migration Policy Minister, has said that the Greek government plans to transfer 2000 refugees from overcrowded camps throughout Greece to a new camp, which will be finished by the end of 2016, on Crete.

Shortly after that, it was announced that even more refugees will come into Greece from Germany. These refugees will be transferred under the Dublin 3 Agreement, which says that an EU member state can send refugees to another EU member country if it needs to. The Greek government has approved this move. Originally, Germany agreed to take in a certain number and so far, they have upheld their end of the deal.

This decision is not met with approval by people who live on Crete because they are concerned that it will harm the tourist industry on the island. Crete, which has remained untouched by the refugee crisis, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. Migration Minister Mouzoulas announced the decision to move these refugees from Germany after a meeting that was held in Hereklion, the main city on Crete.

Construction for the new camp will begin shortly and is expected to be finished sometime in November of 2016. The refugees will start arriving on Crete sometime in December after the camp is completed. Notis Marias, an independent MEP, has also confirmed this move to the Cretan media. The refugee crisis has so far cost the Greek government around 2 billion euros since it began. There are currently around 57,000 refugees living in Greece in camps throughout the country. Most are waiting for their asylum applications to be processed.


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