Two Greek NBA Players Battle in Streetball Match in Athens

Basketball(Athens, Greece) – Two Greek basketball players who are now playing for the NBA in the United States battled it out in a streetball game set in Athens in front of over 5000 spectators in a friendly contest between two rising basketball stars. The matchup paired the two basketball stars against each other in a game that ultimately ended in a 123-123 tie. Giannis Antetokounmpo, known as the Greek Freak, plays for the Milwaukee Bucks and Kristaps Porzingis plays for the New York Nicks.

The real star of the game, however, was Giannis Antetokounmpo’s older brother, Thanasis, who scored 69 points, while Giannis scored just under that at 64 points. The matchup paired the brothers against each other on separate teams.  Porzingis, who was on the same team as Thanasis, only scored 21 points. The other team members on both sides were a mixture of amateur and pro players from throughout Greece. Thanasis currently plays for a D-League affiliate of the New York Nicks. He won a 10 day contract with the New York Nicks last year.

The streetball game drew a large crowd of spectators from all over Athens and the surrounding area, as well as sports media personalities from several large news outlets. It was played in a large open court that is located in Athen’s largest public high school, which was selected because it could accommodate the large crowds that the game was expected to draw. Called the “Antetokounmpo Streetball Event” the game was designed to celebrate the Greek players who have become part of the professional basketball teams in the United States. The game was called a draw and didn’t go into overtime.


The game was looked at as a friendly rivalry between Greek basketball players. Players were reported as dancing on the court in between plays and the mood of the game was light and fun. It is only fitting that the game ended in a tie.


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