No Additional Pieces of Antikythera Mechanism Have Been Found

Antikythera Mechanism(Greece) – Recently, researchers in Greece have stepped up their efforts to locate the rest of the ancient computer found in a wreck off the island of Antikythera. The shipwreck, which was initially discovered in the year 1900, has been the site of various treasures, such as bits of ancient pottery and other artifacts. However, one object, dubbed the Antikythera Mechanism, has been the subject of much fascination since it was uncovered about one year after the wreck was found, it wasn’t until about a week ago that the text on the mechanism was actually decoded.

It is believed that the object was used to predict astronomical events before they happen. However, what was uncovered in the wreck over 100 years ago was just a fragment. Despite the researchers’ best efforts, no additional objects were found that would complete the mechanism. The research team, which was made up of archaeologists from both the United States and Greece, stepped up their efforts to find more pieces from May 22, 2016 to June 11, 2016. While the team did uncover around 60 new objects from the wreck, including pieces of metal, stone, pottery, and glass, additional fragments of the Antikythera Mechanism haven’t been found. Objects of note that were uncovered include a gold ring, a few marble statues, and a spear made out of bronze. The wrek itself dates from 1 A.D. and was said to have belonged to Julius Cesar.

Although this newest round of dives didn’t uncover any additional fragments, experts are still hopeful that there are additional pieces located in the wreck. Researchers have been trying since 2012 to uncover new pieces. The fragment that has been found has been on display at the National Archaeology Museum that is in Athens, Greece. Scientists, historians, and archaeologists have analyzed the device extensively in order to understand what it was and how it worked.




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