Greek Men’s Water Polo Team Takes Third Place

FINA(Greece) – The Greek men’s water polo team has taken third place at the FINA World League this past weekend. Although they had hoped to take the gold medal, their third place finish does indicate that they are on their way to being ready for this year’s Olympic Games, which will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Serbia ultimately won the gold medal this year and the United States team won the silver medal.

During the semifinals, Greece ended up losing to the United States water polo team. Greece’s main concern during that game were their penalties. The regulation match time ended at 11-11 and Greece ended up losing the game in the shootout round. After losing to the United States, Italy and Greece played each other in order to compete for third place. Greece was losing this game but ended up coming up from behind and winning the game 11-7. The Greek women’s water polo national team is also dominant. They’ve won gold medals at the World Championship in 2011 and World League in 2005. They’ve also won the silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games, which were held in Greece.

The Greek National Water Polo team is one of the world leaders in the sport. The team is organized and run by the Hellenic Swimming Federation, an organization that oversees Greece’s water sports. The team has taken bronze in the World Championship games in both 2005 and 2015 as well as bronze medals in past FINA championships. They have yet to win a medal at the Olympic Games but hope to change that during this year’s competition.

The super final round of the FINA World Leagues involved eight teams. These included Australia, Brazil, Greece, China, Italy, Serbia, United States, and Japan. The Finals took a total of six days to complete.



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