Amalthea Deli in Adel in the United Kingdom Opens Bistro

amalthea-greek-cafe-bistro-and-deli(Adel, England, United Kingdom) – The Amalthea Deli at the location in Adel in the United Kingdom has recently expanded. This location now has a new restaurant, called the Amalthea Bistro. Head chef Constantine Tsapanidis creates menus that stick with the overall theme of the family-owned operation. Both the deli and the bistro are places that are designed to give the people of Adel and the surrounding area a glimpse into the delicious flavors of traditional Greek cuisine.

Amalthea Deli started out as a place to purchase traditional Greek ingredients, such as olives, olive oil, and Greek produce. Guests are also able to enjoy Greek coffees and gourmet snacks throughout the day. However, the owners decided to expand the concept by opening the Amalthea Bistro next to the Amalthea Deli at the Adel location. They’ve come a long way since they got their start as an online store!

Constantine Tsapanidis has multiple contacts in Greece who are able to provide both the deli and the bistro with exclusive offerings, such as high quality olive oil , various sauces, and authentic Greek honey. This relationship allows the Amalthea the chance to offer items that aren’t normally available in the United Kingdom. He said that, “Following extensive research into the food and drink market we are able to bring the best Greek products to the UK. I’m a specialist in traditional and modern Greek cuisine.”

According to the website,  “Our menu features traditional, modern and experimental Greek dishes made from award winning ingredients.” Their menu is varied, which means that each time people visit the restaurant or deli, they will find something new to eat that you may not have tried before. The website also says that they, We use fresh, organic ingredients and fairtrade products. We support independent producers in Greece & the UK.”

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