Volunteers Host Greek Night in Kilmington UK to Benefit the Flamingo Pool

flamingo-pool-greek-night(Kilmington, United Kingdom) – Volunteers, locals, and supporters hosted a Greek night to benefit the Flamingo Pool, which is a community pool that is primarily funded through charitable efforts. The Flamingo Pool offers swimming lessons, Aqua-fit classes, swimming clubs, family swims, and even snorkeling lessons. The Flamingo Pool is now considered to be a self funded charity. After a lottery decision was made to take away funding for the Flamingo Pool, the community banded together in order to create a way to keep the pool open. Now, running it is a community effort.

Their latest volunteer effort, a Greek Night that was held at the Kilington Village Hall, was a success. The charity managed to raise around 1600 pounds for the charity. People from all over the area, as well as supporters of the Flamingo Pool and the volunteers who put the charity night together, arrived at the hall not only to show their support, but to enjoy a Greek-themed evening filled with Greek dancing, music, and food. Gina Bellygees, a belly dancer, showed off her skill while also encouraging people to dance. People obliged, and by the end of the night, people were dancing to the traditional Greek music in the traditional style. Some of them were even dancing around the tables!

Dana Haydon-Sycamore, the organizer of the event, said, “We were delighted to see so many of our local community have fun whilst supporting the Flamingo Pool. It was a huge team effort that resulted in a great evening and a successful event.” She also had some words of thanks for those who took part in making the night a success. She said, “We would like to thank Gina Bellygees for the fabulous entertainment, Shirley Parris, Elaine, James and Megan Voysey, Neil Pollard, Richard Peacock, Caitlin Haydon-Sycamore, Liz Stonex, Beryl Barr and also Jane Broom, Alison Vickers, Diana Church and their respective partners for their time and hard work in ensuring that the event ran smoothly.”

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