1. greekality

    What is more traditional? Dolmades (grape leaves) or lahanodolmades?

    Both are traditional and follow the seasons, cabbage in the winter, vine leaves in the summer, when they are fresh and tender (around May). Greek dishes based on cabbage can be found more often in Northern Greece, eg. lahanorizo = Greek cabbage with rice, lahania = pork with cabbage - a recipe...
  2. greekality

    These are some of the best uses for ladolemono

    I use just a little bit of mustard for the kick and a spoonful of honey and rosemary (mainly for the meat and potatoes).
  3. greekality

    Are there any Greek fall time desserts?

    Moustalevria and moustokouloura are the absolute Greek fall desserts - it's a dance of the seasons :) They both use the grape must that is plenty after the harvest. It's us Greeks celebrating seasonality and wealth of our nature!
  4. greekality

    What is the difference between the two types of halva?

    To make things more complicated there's a 3rd halva variation! It's mostly known as halvas Farsalon and is made with sugar and cornstarch.
  5. greekality

    How to make sweet saganaki

    Use olive oil instead of butter and drizzle with honey or a fruit preserve like sour cherry - great taste!:love:
  6. greekality

    You can only make Greek coffee using a briki!

    Greek coffee has moderate caffeine. Locals especially on Greek villages they love it after their siesta! Both (siesta + Greek coffee) are considered the secrets to Greek longevity <3
  7. greekality

    How to make a Greek mezze board (great for parties)

    Great video! I would love to see some kefte on the board (eg. zucchini fritters) - they would go excellently with those yummy dips!
  8. greekality

    Is vegan spanakopita possible?

    Yes of course it is! Actually the tastiest I have ever tried is hortopita with a mix of greens like chards, sorrel, chervil, spring onions, fennel and leeks. Unbelievable taste!