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What are some of the best places to visit in Athens for outdoorsy types? My girlfriends is a rock climber and she loves to explore, but I don’t know too much about Athens besides visiting historical sites.


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There are many great outdoor activities to consider when visiting Athens (other than visiting historical landmarks, which I would highly recommend!).

Things that come to mind would be Athens Bike Tour, Shopping (yes you can be outdoors) and of course go the the beach!! :)



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I'm from Athens and one of my favorite things to do is climb areopagus hill or vrahakia. It's kind of hard to get to, especially in the dark (the best view in the nighttime). If you know any other people going, or locals I would recommend they lead the way.

Are there student discounts for Athens museum tickets?

I just moved to Athens a few months ago but I haven't been to any of the museums because of the pandemic but I'm planning on going this summer. Does anyone know if there are student discounts for museum tickets?

Is the Benaki museum worth it?

Hi guys, is the Benaki museum worth the trip? I’m backpacking through Europe on a budget, and I’m trying to see what the most “bang for your buck” places are.

Visiting the changing of the guards in Athens

I love taking my little cousins to see the changing of the gaurds in Athens, it's one of my favorite things to do in the city and the kids always get a kick out of it. Anyone else?


Best places in Athens for history buffs?

My Greek husband LOVES history and we’re putting together an itinerary for our trip to Athens, any tips? He loves ancient history and modern history, so it doesn’t need to be about mythology and architecture (I know Athens is really popular for that).

What is shopping at the Athens laiki (farmers market) like?

I've always wanted to visit an authentic Greek farmers market (this is a pic of the one I go to in Toronto, I love it!). Are there any good ones in downtown Athens? If so, where are they and do you have any tips?

farmers market.jpg


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