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This is one of the best Greek recipe that seems to be inspired by the Italian style bolognese sauce. The dish is pretty similar except the Greek version sometimes includes spices like cumin and bay leaf. I prefer the Greek version because it has a bit more flavour and tastes a lot better with Parmesan or Kefalotiri cheese (a hard Greek cheese). This video does a great explanation of how to make the dish, enjoy!



This is one of my favorite Greek dishes! It's so simple, and although other cultures have their versions of this, I love the interesting flavors the Greek version has.

Greek Grilled Corn Recipe to Try

One of my favorite street foods in Greece is the grilled corn you get on the streets and every now and then, I like to try to replicate it at home. Do you have a favorite way of preparing this? Here is one of the recipes I am planning to try:

Please drop your suggestions in the thread, I plan to a bunch of different recipes.

Making a List of Healthy Greek Dishes to Cook at Home

It's still summer, and there is plenty of fresh produce left to eat. I think about the time I have spent in Greece and how healthy I have felt eating that way, and I want to replicate this while home outside of Greece. So, I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite, healthy Greek dishes. Please share yours, too!

1. Village salad (choriatiki)
2. Lentil soup (fakes)
3. Chicken souvlaki (I don't put a lot of olive oil in the marinade)
4. Eggplant spread (melitzanasalata)
5. Dolmades - stuffed grape leaves
6. Spanakorizo (spinach rice)

I am curious - which healthy Greek dishes do you like the best?

Do you have tips for working with phyllo?

I have been experimenting with Greek cooking for a few years now and I didn't have the guts to start trying to work with phyllo until recently - I tried to make baklava. I had all kinds of problems and I am hoping you guys have some tips to help me get the hang of it better. Here's a list of the issues I had:

1. Sheets were stuck together in the package
2. The phyllo started to dry out as I assembled the recipe
3. My pan was shorter than each sheet and I didn't know what to do with the exces

I don't know, am I doing something wrong?

Squash Dish with Phyllo?

My mother used to make this squash dish around this time of year that involved phyllo, but I can't remember what it is called! I lost my mother's recipes and miss her cooking so much, I am trying to recreate some of my childhood favorites. She used to sometimes use zucchini, other times she'd use butternut squash. It was kind of sweet but not sweet like a dessert. Just enough sweetness.

Info about the Greek Mediterranean diet

I love Greek food and I am trying to stay healthy and lose weight. So, I have been following a healthy lifestyle and trying to adopt the Mediterranean diet. I noticed that some Greek foods are kind of meat oriented, but I have realized that a lot of these foods aren't eaten every day. So, I have been researching. Here are some resources I found:

I would love to find some other resources. Share them if you know them!
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