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Hey everyone! I love kokoretsi but i've never attempted it before. Since Easter is coming up, does anyone have advice on how to clean, prepare and cook kokoretsi?

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The most important part of making the kokoretsi is cleaning it. You can buy the intestines already cleaned, if you can find them from a good butcher. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly, and clean them with vinegar and lemon. I like to let intestines soak overnight, just to be sure. You really don't want to be eating or serving dirty intestines 🤢

Cool ideas for Greek Easter cocktails?

Hey everyone, I'm a huge cocktail drinker (as you can see in this pic lol). While everyone is gonna be drinking beers this Easter, I want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Can anyone recommend a good cocktail pairing for meat and lamb?


What are your favorite lenten recipes?

Im trying out fasting this year, and I love to make kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters) but I need some more inspirationion. What are your go-to lenten dishes?


Recipe for Greek Easter lamb marinade

Does anyone have a really good marinade for lamb? I really wanna try it out for easter but I'm a little bit intimidated not gonna lie. I want to make it in the oven with potatoes like this:


What is the recipe for traditional Greek salad?

So many of my Greek friends have been telling me that Greek salad is not supposed to have lettuce in it. Is that true? Can someone give me the traditional recipe?

How can I replicate the Greek taverna grilled pork chop at home?

One of my favorite dishes to order at the taverna is the pork chop, but I can never seem to replicate this beauty at home. Someone please help!!



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