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I was trying to explain to some non-Greek friends about hospitality in Greece. I feel like it's next level, but how do you explain it?

Could anyone help me explain any of the following:
  • Traditional welcome gestures in Greece
  • Common household customs when visiting a Greek home
  • Etiquette for showing appreciation to Greek hosts
  • Any specific do's and don'ts that a foreigner should be aware of
The concept is called Philoxenia - the art of hospitality.

In Greece, hospitality is more than a practice, it's a point of national pride deeply rooted in history and mythology. The term 'philoxenia' literally translates to 'love of strangers'. It's a value that dictates kindness and generosity to all guests, making it a fundamental aspect of Greek culture.
That's so true about Philoxenia! It seems this is something permeates the whole culture. Thank you for chiming in!

Why Greeks Roast a Whole Lamb on the Spit on Easter Sunday?

A quote from excellent posting below!
"John, the author of one of the four Gospels, called Jesus the Lamb of God in John 1:29 and John 1:36. In the story, Abraham had to sacrifice an animal, such as a lamb or a ram, as an important part of the Jewish religion. People offered God restitution for the sins they committed.
However, Christians no longer need to engage in sacrifice because Christ died on the cross for their sins, thus becoming the sacrificial lamb."

Since Pascha, or Easter, is the day when we commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice, we eat lamb in remembrance of this selfless act

Daily Life in the Villages?

I'm curious about daily life in Greek villages. What is it like to live in these rural areas? How do people typically spend their days? I'm interested in learning about their routines, social activities, and community events.

Also, how does village life differ from life in the cities? Are there specific traditions or customs that are more prevalent in the villages? I’d love to hear about local cuisine, any unique festivals, and how people maintain their homes and farms.

If anyone has personal experiences or insights into the rhythms of daily life in Greek villages, please share! I'm eager to understand more about this aspect of Greek culture and what makes village life special.

Kalley Mera, Kalllo Mina!!💖❤️

Kalley Mera Kalllo Mina from Thailand to all here!💖❤️

Advice for learning traditional dances for a Greek wedding?

I'm attending a Greek wedding soon, and I really want to join in on the traditional dancing! I've heard Greek dances like the Kalamatianos and Tsifteteli are integral parts of the celebration, and I don't want to feel out of place. I never really learned how to dance from my Americanized Greek family!

Does anyone have tips on the best way to learn these dances? Are there any specific online tutorials, classes, or YouTube channels you’d recommend? Also, what should I keep in mind in terms of dance etiquette at the wedding? Thanks so much!

Greek Naming Traditions?

I have noticed that in Greece, there are some traditions associated with naming their children. Although some Greek families in the United States have done this, many have seemed to lose the traditions.

Does anyone know what some of these traditions are? I am helping a friend name his upcoming child... Here's some of what I have learned:

1. Firstborn daughter names after maternal grandmother
2. Firstborn son named after paternal grandfather
3. Firstborn son named after father

Those are the ones I have figured out. I don't know what is traditional from Greece and what has just been made up amongst Greeks in the US.
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