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The Theotoky Estate Winery is family owned the estate has been passed down for generations! The current owner of the winery, Georges Theotoky, took over the estate during the 1960s when commercial wine-making was almost non-existent in Greece. It has some of the best tasting wine and I can't wait to go again

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The winery looks amazing! Thanks for sharing

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I've heard about this winery! What's great is that the farming is also all organic

Canal dAmour beach is the best beach in Corfu!

Just look at how peaceful and secluded this beach is! I went a while back while visiting a friend in Corfu and it was one of the best places on the island. I really recommend it!


What was the original use for Achilleion Palace?

There is so much mystery surrounding Corfu and Achilleion Palace! I always walk by this building and I never knew what it was originally used for. Does anyone know the history of this beautiful building?


Visiting the New Fortress in Corfu

Entrance into the complex is free of charge, and a visitor could easily while away an afternoon exploring the ruins and enjoying the commanding view from the top of the fortress. You can certainly stroll here on your own, but it is also a good idea to take a tour if possible, especially if you want to learn more about it. The view from the top provides an ample reward with stunning, panoramic vistas of the Old Harbor and the city below.


Did you know that there is a museum of Asian art in Corfu?

The collection is from George Manos, who was a Greek diplomat. The building was originally a Japanese museum but then it was converted to a museum of Asian art after George Manos donated his collection. I haven't been but it seems so cool that this exists in Corfu

Spiniada square in Corfu is the largest square in the Balkans!

Well, it's said to be the largest square in the Balkans...I'm not sure if it actually is. The area of the square used to be a fortification between the castle and the city. You can also check out Durrell’s Monument in the square. It was built to honor Gerald and Lawrence Durrell, an author and zoologist, who spent their early years on the island of Corfu.



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