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I am trying to plan my next trip to Greece and I think I will go to Rhodes this time. I went once, and it was only for a few days. Stayed near Lindos. I want to stay longer, and there are different areas - I can't figure out where to stay this time!

Should I stay near Lindos again? Are there other areas worth seeing? It was over ten years ago that I went.
you could stay in Rhodes Town.that way you can explore Rhodes OLD Town. rhodes is not a big island 7easily explored from Rhodes town by car.
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you could stay in Rhodes Town.that way you can explore Rhodes OLD Town. rhodes is not a big island 7easily explored from Rhodes town by car.
I think that seems like a good idea - I see a lot of options for lodging there and there's a good amount of things to do. I can rent a car and explore!
you could stay in Rhodes Town.that way you can explore Rhodes OLD Town. rhodes is not a big island 7easily explored from Rhodes town by car.
I agree with this! You can use Town as a home base and there is also a lot to do there.
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I agree with this! You can use Town as a home base and there is also a lot to do there.
this makes a lot of sense to me! I agree with all those who suggested this and will look into it

Visiting Ancient Ramiro's on Rhodes

I realized I have never seen this site and I am traveling with history buffs. I thought I'd ask you all for some advice:

  1. Best Time to Visit: What’s the best time of year to explore Ancient Kamiros to avoid the crowds but still enjoy good weather?
  2. Getting There: Are there public transportation options available, or would renting a vehicle be advisable? Any tips on parking or the best times to arrive?
  3. Must-Sees: Within the site, are there any particular spots or artifacts that are a must-see? I'm interested in capturing some great photos and soaking in the history.
  4. Tour. Should I take a tour? Anything to recommend?

Are there festivals in the summer in Rhodes?

I’m planning a trip to Rhodes, Greece, and I've heard that the island is not just about stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes, but it’s also rich in culture and offers a variety of festivals throughout the year. I’m really excited about the possibility of aligning my visit with one of these cultural events!

Can anyone share recommendations for festivals in Rhodes? I’m interested in anything from traditional Greek celebrations to music, art, and food festivals. Anything that will allow me to soak in the local culture and make my trip even more memorable.

I usually just "see the sites" when I am in Greece. This is my second time on Rhodes, so now I am looking for something different to do.

Question about visiting art galleries on Rhodes

I'm planning a trip to the island of Rhodes and I love art. I'm on a quest to uncover the most remarkable galleries the island has to offer. The blend of ancient history and local modern talent in Rhodes fascinates me, and I want to immerse myself in its vibrant art scene.

Whether it's contemporary art, classic pieces, local crafts, or even lesser-known galleries that captivate the essence of Rhodes, I'm eager to explore it all. I believe that art has a unique way of capturing the spirit of a place, telling stories that transcend time and language barriers.

Does any of you have anything to recommend?

Nightlife in Rhodes - Faliraki

I have some friends who went to Rhodes last year and they said they observed that Faliraki has some good nightlife. Is this true?

Could anyone share some insider tips or personal experiences about the best spots to enjoy the evening?

Specifically, I’m looking for:
  • Clubs that have a great atmosphere and awesome music.
  • Bars or pubs where I can meet new people and have some good conversation.
  • Any places known for live music or unique entertainment.
I will only be there for a few days and I might only have a night to spend doing that kind of thing before I move on to another part of Greece. Trying to see a lot this time.


Religious sites to visit on Rhodes

Today, I’m excited to share four religious sites that you might want to visit as you journey along a certain road. Each of these destinations offers a unique insight into the spiritual legacy and historical context of the regions you'll find yourself immersed in. However, remember I haven't visited this myself. I am thinking of visiting them. So I will make updates as I find more information. For example, I just added more information about the names of the places so they're easier to find.

1. The Temple at the Crossroads

This serene temple, ancient as the surrounding groves, is named for the cross-section of paths where legend says the gods intersect. The atmosphere is calm, and it's said that prayers offered here meet deities from all four cardinal directions. Locals believe that if you meditate within the temple's main hall, you can sense the divine converging around you.

I think this place is also called Temple of Apollo Pythias but I could be wrong.

2. The Monastery Through the Mist

Nestled high in the mountains, this monastery is famous for the shroud of mist that enwraps it, making it feel like an ethereal resting place. History marks it as the site where the first saint of the region achieved enlightenment. Pilgrims hike hours up treacherous paths to be blessed where the clouds meet the heavens.

I think this place is also called Filerimos Monastery - should be easier to find under this name.

3. The Shrine within a Cave

A cave lodges in a cliffside on the third leg of our journey, housing a shrine illuminated only by the gentle glow of candles. An annual festival invites thousands, as they carry torches along narrow ledges to pay homage to the hermit who first discovered this sanctuary. The echo of religious chants is said to make the rocks themselves vibrate.

I think this is also called Cave of Archangel Michael.

4. The Ancient Blessing Well

A clearing in the dense woods reveals a well, adorned with flowers, that many claim has healing properties. Here, people of all faiths come to draw water and leave tokens of gratitude for the water spirit. This practice was believed to have been started by a traveling monk hundreds of years ago, imparting legends of miraculous recoveries to those who drank from it.

Is this place in the Fortification of Rhodes?

Note: I edited this to fix the error about the amount. I had 5 but decided I didn't want to talk about the fifth. I also put some more information about locations.
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