1. auroracoor1

    Syrup Variations for Baklava

    I have been talking to people who all make their baklava syrup different! I make mine with some honey, sugar, water, and cinnamon. How do you make yours? Here are some variations I bumped into: Just sugar and water Sugar, water, and spices like cinnamon and/or cloves Syrups that have a squeeze...
  2. auroracoor1

    Help Packing for Greece Trip

    I am starting to make my pack list for Greece. I plan to get there at the end of August. What is the weather like? It's been a while since I've been and I need answers to some questions: - Does it get cold at night? - Should I expect some rain? - How are the winds? Will I need a windbreaker...
  3. auroracoor1

    Etiquette While in Greece?

    Thank you so much - I find this so helpful. I plan to visit with people who have kids- friends. I wonder if I should bring a few gifts from home for the kids just in case?
  4. auroracoor1

    Etiquette While in Greece?

    When I go to Greece, sometimes I wonder if there is some etiquette to keep in mind. My questions: 1. Is there a way to greet someone in Greek when you walk into a store or restaurant? 2. Is there phone etiquette to follow? 3. Anything else I should know? Thanks!
  5. auroracoor1

    How is history taught in schools in Greece?

    I am curious which topics of Greece are covered in history classes in Greece. I have a Greek-American friend who is homeschooling her kids, and she wants to cover Greek history in a way that is closer to the way it is covered in the country - or least partially that way (if this makes sense at...
  6. auroracoor1

    Black sesame seeds?

    When I buy sesame seeds here they are usually light in color. In Greece, I see that type of sesame but I also see dark black sesame seeds. I have noticed I like the flavor of the black ones better! My questions - are they the same thing but is one roasted and one not? Is it a different plant...
  7. auroracoor1

    Where in Santorini is it Best to Stay?

    In an earlier post, I asked where to stay in Oia. Now, I am even rethinking if I want to stay in OIa. I am curious - I have about 3 nights to spend in Santorini and I am wondering where it is best to stay. Is it Oia, or is that not even the best spot? I have actually been to Fira once, for maybe...
  8. auroracoor1

    Where to stay in Oia?

    I loved Oia when I went a few years ago but I don't remember where I stayed. I can't track it down! My question is - do you guys have any recommendations? Maybe this will jog my memory. In any case, I loved where I stayed, I am just not attached to it. I would love a nice view of the caldera...
  9. auroracoor1

    Recipe for Pasteli - Greek Honey Bars

    I love pasteli so I decided to learn how to make it. Here it is: - 1 cup toasted sesame seeds - 1 cup Greek honey I stir the two together in a saucepan and let it cook on medium-low heat until the hard crack candy stage temperature occurs - around 300 Degrees F (use a candy thermometer). So...
  10. auroracoor1

    Learning About the History of Mykonos?

    While on Mykonos, are there places to go, or maybe even tours to take, that can help me learn abut the history of the place? I know there are some museums, like the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum, but aside from that, I am looking for places to go that will kind of bring the...
  11. auroracoor1

    Traditional Greek Spirits or Wine to Serve with Greek Easter Dinner?

    I am attending Greek Easter at someone's house and I want to bring some Greek Spirits as a gift. What is traditional to drink with the meal? I was thinking of selecting either a nice Greek wine that goes with lamb, or something like Ouzo or Raki. Which is better? I was hoping to find a...
  12. auroracoor1

    Cooking with Greek Spirits

    When I cook outside of Greek cuisine, I use spirits sometimes, such as when making sauces. Like, I sometimes deglaze the pan when I make steak with bourbon and make a nice, butter sauce. In Greek cuisine, I only use spirits when making desserts. However, I do use wine sometimes in my savory...
  13. auroracoor1

    Traveling from Santorini to Mykonos

    I plan to go to Santorini this summer, but even though I love it there, I suspect I will only want to spend a short time - just a few nights. I have some friends that actually live on Mykonos that I want to visit, so I am wondering the best way to go from Santorini to Mykonos? From what I...
  14. auroracoor1

    Early Spring Greek Dishes

    We are going through a bit of a warm spell now, which makes me feel like spring might come a little earlier. Even if it doesn't it has me in the mood to think about spring and the traditional Greek foods that are eaten in spring. This isn't something I have thought of before! In Greece, what is...
  15. auroracoor1

    Other "Leaves" to Use for Stuffing?

    Should I boil the cabbage leaves whole in the head? I tried to separate the heads without boiling and I ruined it!