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    Treat yourself or your loved ones to a Greek sweets basket!

    Because of Covid, I haven't been seeing a lot of my friends and family and I haven't been able to celebrate with them for birthdays or the holidays. I thought that because so many of us are missing Greece and Greek food that it would be nice to get some of them a Greek sweets basket so they can...
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    Did you know that cheesecake is an Ancient Greek recipe?

    Ah who knew!! All good recipes are Greek lol
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    Greek steak, rice and salad!

    Looks so tasty!! What type of steak did you use?
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    How to make Greek lenten fish roe salad!

    It will taste delicious! You can use any type of fish roe
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    A new start with Philippos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Perhaps soon they will! I see more and more Greek companies going global
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    A guide to some of the best street art in Athens

    Athens has some of the best street art in the whole world! The artists have so much passion and always showcases the history of Greece or some of the current struggles that are happening. Taking note and paying attention to the graffiti and street art is one of the best ways to get a pulse of...
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    Calling all artists! Submit your documentaries to the Thessaloniki documentary film festival

    The Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival is an annual international competition that showcases artists from around the world that create some of the best documentaries. The submission ends pretty soon on January 12! Your documentary must be over 70 minutes long to be eligible for entry into...
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    How to make unique sesame biscuits!

    These are a unique version of the classic koulourakia! They are shaped in a unique curly circle with sesame seeds on top to add a pop of savoy flavor. Have any of you tried making these type of Koulourakia before or know what region of Greece they come from?
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    Monastiraki and Plaka are the best areas of Athens hands down!

    Ugh that sounds so frustrating, did you go in July or August by any chance? Is that when Athens is the most crowded?
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    These are the best historical towns to visit in Greece!

    Lalaounis has the best Greek jewelry!
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    Did you know that Mykonos has a castle that you can visit?

    I also love street view on Google Maps!
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    Cretan dance flash mob in Sydney, Australia

    This is so beautiful to see! Everyone gathering around of all ages enjoying Greek culture all over the world! Bravo paidia mas! Cheers to everyone, I hope to see more and more of these cultural initiatives, especially now that so many Greek festivals are shutting down. Culture is everywhere and...
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    A Greek New Years Eve Celebration!

    This is what a beautiful New Years Eve celebration looks like in Greece! This show always Play some of the best Greek holiday music ever! I always have it in the background when I'm cooking and preparing for my New Year's and Christmas celebrations. I hope you enjoy it 😊
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    Check out my Christmas melomakarona!

    https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1022774-melomakarona-greek-olive-oil-honey-cookies here is the recipe I used :) enjoy!