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One of the things I like to eat on the street in Greece is the street corn. I have been trying to replicate making it at home because I grill all the time.

I can find corn year round, but I admit that it tastes so much better when the corn is in season.

Anyway, when I first started doing this, I didn't boil it first! I am pretty sure they boil the corn first in Greece. Is this true? It's starting to taste a little closer, but I have a few missing pieces.

How do they season it? I favor butter with corn, but when I use it, I admit it doesn't taste "right". Has anyone tried to make the corn at hime and can offer me some advice?

I am pretty sure you need to boil it first so that the corn gets a nice char but doesn't burn. The sugars in the corn really burn and it takes a bit to get the kernels to cook.

Whenever I throw corn on the grill I just do the whole ear with the husks and everything, so I am actually not a huge fan of burned kernels!
The only thing that is put on the corn after it's grilled is salt
It will never taste exactly the same unless your in Greece. The corn itself in Greece is tougher and less milky so no matter how you prepare it, the consistency and taste is a little different.
My mother's family freezes corn for her during the peak season (August September) so when she goes in the spring she can enjoy it :)

Corn Dishes from Greece

I noticed in Greece while I was there last that there is actually corn! Does it grow in Greece? I think I read somewhere that it grows in Northern Greece, but I have never been.

Does anyone know if there are some Greek traditional dishes that involve corn? I know that we can get street corn in the summer (and it's delicious), but I am not sure what Greeks would actually do with it. I am pretty sure it's not native to Greece, but I do see corn sometimes here and there on menus while in Greece.

Usually I am on the mainland when this happens, but like I said, I have never been to Northern Greece.

Favorite Greek Seafood?

I love Greek cuisine! I have learned that it many regions in Greece, seafood is a big part of the culinary traditions.

This got me thinking, and I'm curious to know—what's your favorite Greek seafood dish? Do you also have a favorite fish that you like to eat?

I'm eager to hear about your experiences and preferences!

Thanks in advance ...

What are your favorite vegetarian foods in Greek cooking?

Greek cooking is renowned for its \use of fresh herbs, vegetables, and grains, making it a paradise for those who prefer plant-based meals. Yet, when we think of Greek cuisine, dishes like gyros and souvlaki often take the spotlight. But there's so much more to Greek food than meat-centric dishes, and I'm on a quest to discover your favorite vegetarian delights that Greece has to offer!

From the creamy delicacies such as fava and tzatziki to hearty mains like gemista (stuffed tomatoes and peppers) and spanakopita (spinach pie), I'm eager to learn about the dishes you've fallen in love with. Perhaps you have a cherished recipe passed down through generations, a memorable meal from a trip to Greece, or even a favorite Greek vegetarian dish you've mastered at home.

Feel free to share your thoughts! My personal favorites are lentil soup, spanakorizo, and tzatziki (but this isn't a vegan choice)... I know some vegetarians can have dairy.

Thanks in advance!

Using Kataifi Pastry Dough

I just watched a video somewhere (I lost track of where I saw it) on using kataifi pastry dough to make a spanakopita-like bite. I then watched another one on tiro pita using kataifi dough.

Honestly, I had never thought of this. I only just use it to make "kataifi". I thought I'd collect a list of ideas. Do you guys have any ideas?

  1. Kataifi Shrimp: Wrapping seasoned shrimp in Kataifi strands and baking until golden. It makes for a delightful appetizer that's crunchy on the outside with succulent shrimp inside.
  2. Kataifi Tarts: Using small molds to shape the Kataifi into tart shells, then filling them with either savory fillings like spinach and feta or sweet fillings like lemon curd or chocolate ganache.
  3. Spanakopita. Make the regular spanakopita filling but instead, roll it between sheets of kataifi. Can do the same with tiro pita filling/
What are your ideas? Maybe cheesecake roles? I am not sure how to accomplish that.

Cooking Greek Style Octopus

One of the things I like about Greek cuisine is the octopus! It's so tender and flavorful. I get it a lot when I am in Greece and only a few times in the United States. I want to learn how to do that. In particular I want to know:
  • Choosing the Right Octopus: What should I look for when buying octopus? Are there any specific types or sizes that work best?
  • Tenderizing Process: I’ve heard that tenderizing the octopus is crucial. What methods do you recommend? I’ve heard of everything from beating it to simmering it in a pot. What works best?
  • Cooking Techniques: Should I grill it, bake it, or cook it in a stew? I'm aiming for something that's traditionally Greek.
  • Marination and Seasonings: What are the best herbs, spices, or marination techniques to use? I know olive oil and lemon are staples, but are there any other must-have seasonings?
Any advice you can give is welcome!
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