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    How are you celebrating Greek Independence Day this year?

    If you live in Boston, the city is lighting up buildings and bridges blue to commemorate the day!
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    What are some trendy and new ways to dye Greek easter eggs?

    I tried the dye from the greek markets as well as the 'american' dyes but can't get it right. I heard that using onion skins or beet roots do a good job, trying to decide which to try this year. Anyone have a good/bad experience with either?
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    How much money is acceptable for a Greek baptism gift?

    Greek Orthodox baptisms are like mini weddings so I say use the same rule of thumb as you do for a wedding. Where is it being held (expensive hall?) and how close you are to the family.
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    40 days at home after baby?

    I tried to do this with my first born but lasted 7 days. It was summer, the weather was beautiful and I felt trapped :) Luckily my parents and in-laws weren't too opinionated on this particular topic!
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    Greek Easter Traditions

    Dying the eggs red and making tsoureki is definitely a family favorite!
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    I am a foodie, where in Athens, Greece should I go?

    What about non street food? I want to explore the less touristy restaurants with traditional cuisine. Any recommendations?
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    I am a foodie, where in Athens, Greece should I go?

    What is the name of the restaurant?
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    What is the best way to make a gyro at home?

    I know it can vary by region but my go to Gyro and Souvlaki seasoning is: Kosher salt, black pepper, Oregano, Garlic Powder, Cumin & paprika. Be generous with the spices!!!
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    What is the most kid friendly island in Greece?

    Naxos for sure! There are so many beautiful and calm beaches to spend endless days on, from shallow to deep depending on what your looking for! Family friendly resorts and hotels are plentiful and there are some cool activities we did such as a mosaic art workshop, snorkeling tour and even a...
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    What are your traveling tips for couples visiting Crete?

    Crete is beautiful, lots of historical charm, beautiful beaches, little villages and amazing food. My advise is don't go to this island if you only have a few days. It is really big and anything less than a week doesn't even put a dent in it! My favorite area is Chania and we usually stay near...
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    Which Greek Style Coffee Do You Like the Most?

    Freddo Cappuccino ALLLL the way! Especially if it's served to you under an umbrella on a beach :)
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    I am a foodie, where in Athens, Greece should I go?

    If you want to try an alternative to traditional gyro and souvlakia go to Plaka (Monastiraki) ,down close to the metro, and try Thanasi's or Savas. They make a kebab which melts in your mouth and also have many of the traditional Greek appetizers....and they are across the street from each...