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I would love to visit Corfu one day and learn about what regional dishes they offer. I know that I want to travel all over Greece, and try the classics like Gyro, moussaka and all of that good stuff. But I know that there's so much more to learn about and try, especially in Corfu, I’ve even heard of a regional type of pastitsio that they have. Does it look and taste like this one?


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Never tried that, but the food in Greece is truly amazing!

The veggies and fruit have such a great taste, it must be due to the weather/climate and soil found in different regions of Greece!


Effrosyni Moschoudi

There are various Corfiot dishes to enjoy, like bourdeto (my favorite), sofrito and pastitsada. The first is made with fish, the second and the third with beef. Never heard of a different pastichio version in Corfu. They make it in the same way people make it all over Greece. It's actually an Italian dish and 'pastichio' means 'mess' in Italian!
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The pastitsio that you speak of is called pastitsio dolce. It’s a super rare find, and I only heard of it because I have a friend from Corfu. It doesn’t taste too much like the tradtitional Greek pastitsio, it can have different types of meats like veal, chicken or pork. It really depends on who’s making it.


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The Italian influence is super strong in Corfu, and it’s pretty rare which is why many people haven’t heard of dishes like Pastitsio Dolce. Pastisada is another Italian style dish. It’ a casserole dish that consists of pasta and veal, beef or poultry, that is cooked with chili peppers, garlic, onions, wine, olive oil, vinegar, cloves, bay leaf, cinnamon, fresh or canned tomatoes, black ground pepper, and grated kefalotyri or Parmesan cheese. There are different variations but this is how I’ve had it.

List of Great Beaches on Corfu?

I might visit Corfu this year and I love the beach. Are is a list of beaches:

- Sidari Beach
- Corfu Beach
- Agios Spiridon Beach
- Angelokastro Beach
- Paleokastritsa Beach

I know next to nothing about these beaches. Which are good? Did I miss any? If I only had time for a few of these, which would you choose?

Check out Casa Parlente in Corfu

This is one of the best places to visit when in Corfu! I highly recommend visiting this 19th century mansion that shows you history in a super unique way. The museum has animatronic figures inside, so it can be a little creepy lol. I don't recommend taking small children to visit, they might get spooked. The museum is right by the water so its great for a short visit and then a stroll

Are there any hiking trails in Corfu?

Hiking while traveling is something that I am starting to do more and more, especially hiking to catch the sunset and sunrise. If anyone has any good recommendations on where I can go in Corfu to go hiking, I would really appreciate it. I have found that in traveling and hiking, there are many trails that are unmarked and can be a bit dangerous to hike. I personally prefer walking on trails that are marked and have clear pathways so that I don't get lost, especially in a foreign country. Thanks!

Check out Agios Gordios beach in Corfu

Agios Gordios Beach is an award winning blue flag beach that is located on the western part of Corfu. It is very popular amongst families and all different types of tourists, and there are many different options for you to visit. Personally, I like to visit the organized beaches where there are beach lounge chairs and the option to order food and drinks. The water is pretty shallow so it's great for bringing small kids.

Favorite beach in Corfu?

I have heard that Corfu is lovely and worth visiting. I love the beach, and I heard there are some great beaches here.

Do you have a favorite beach in Corfu?

I have heard great things about Paleokastritsa, Sidari, and Kontokali.

Also, is the island big? If I stay on the Western side, is it logical to be able to travel around, or should I go somewhere more centrally located?
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