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Post your pictures of Mykonos! 😍

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Here is my photo of Mykonos at night!!

mykonos-night-club (1).jpeg
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I love the windmills!


Visiting Ano Mera in Mykonos?

'm currently planning a trip to Mykonos and have been hearing a lot about a village called Ano Mera. From the snippets I've read online, it seems like a place rich in history with some wonderful local dining options, but I haven't been able to gather much detailed information.

I'm particularly interested in understanding the best time to visit, must-see attractions, and any dining recommendations you all might have. Additionally, if there are any local customs or cultural aspects I should be aware of before visiting, that would be incredibly helpful!

If anyone has visited Ano Mera or has insights into making the most out of a trip there, I'd genuinely appreciate your advice and suggestions. Any tips on navigating the area, hidden gems, or just general do's and don'ts would also be greatly valued.

Going to Delos from Mykonos?

Delos looks fascinating and I will be in Mykonos this summer. Is it realistic to do this as a day trip from Mykonos?

Has anyone done this before? I'd love to hear your recommendations and tips! How long is the boat ride, and are there specific tour operators you recommend?

What are the must-see spots on Delos, and how much time should I allocate to explore the island thoroughly?

I recall it's possible to take a Ferry from Mykonos to Delos but I am not sure the details. I saw a sign for it last time I was there.

Nightlife question about Mykonos

I have seen footage of fun-looking club atmospheres on Mykonos. I went last year and couldn't find those parties! I want to try again the next time I am in Greece, probably in September.

I’d love to find places that strike a balance between great music (preferably a mix of international and local beats), a lively but not overly crowded atmosphere, and of course, stunning settings that scream ‘Mykonos’!

Does anyone have personal favorites or hidden gems they'd be willing to share?


Best Mykonos beaches for families?

I'm planning a family vacation to Mykonos and would love some recommendations on the best family-friendly beaches. With a couple of toddlers in tow, I'm looking for beaches that are not only beautiful but also safe for the little ones to play around and paddle in the water.

Additionally, amenities like clean restrooms, nearby places to grab a bite to eat, and shaded areas would be a huge plus. We want to avoid the party scenes and opt for more serene spots where we can build sandcastles and enjoy the waves without too much worry.

If anyone has experiences or suggestions they'd like to share, I'm all ears! What beaches in Mykonos have you found to be particularly good for families? Any tips on the best times to go, or advice on must-bring items?


Learning Greek While in Mykonos?

I've recently embarked on the exciting journey of learning Greek, motivated further by an upcoming trip to the beautiful island of Mykonos. Given the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and the warm hospitality native to this region, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in the language amid its native speakers.

However, as someone relatively new to this endeavor, I'm eagerly seeking advice on the best strategies for learning Greek while exploring Mykonos. Whether it be recommendations for local language schools that cater specifically to visitors, tips on integrating learning into daily activities, or suggestions for social settings that are particularly friendly to language learners, I'm all ears.

Additionally, I'm interested in any local groups or exchange programs that promote cultural immersion and language practice. I believe that interacting with the locals and engaging directly with the culture can significantly enhance the language learning experience.

Lastly, if there are specific apps or resources that you found helpful while learning Greek in a similar context, please don't hesitate to share. I'm open to exploring all options that might assist in making my learning experience as enriching and effective as possible.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and stories about your own language learning journeys in Greece. Thank you in advance for your insights and advice!
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