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I've been trying to make more homemade food, so I can save some money and be a bit healthier. I love Greek yogurt especially when I get it fresh and homemade from the Greek supermarket (like the one in this pic, the traditional bowl is so cute!). But is there any way I can make it at home? I've seen a bunch of different recipes online, but I would love your advice. It seems like a pretty big task!!

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It is totally possible! I love making it all the time. If you really want it to come out right, you will need a thermometer to check the temperature of the yogurt. It can be quite finicky.
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Yes and it’s so easy to make. You grab a starter from another yogurt like fage grab a gallon of milk bring to a boil ,let rest until you can hold your pinky finger in it and count to 16 with out it burning you, melt in your starter, find a Tupperware with lid, pour mixture in it, find a blanket and 4 bath towels and wrap the Tupperware in it. Let it set for hours 10 maybe longer for yogurt to form

What are you favorite Greek drinks?

What are everyone's favorite Greek drinks? I love an ice cold fanta after a gyro


Recipe for Greek Easter lamb marinade

Does anyone have a really good marinade for lamb? I really wanna try it out for easter but I'm a little bit intimidated not gonna lie. I want to make it in the oven with potatoes like this:


What are some Greek Easter desserts?

What do you usually serve for desserts at Greek Easter? I'm invited to a socially distanced Greek Easter gathering but I've never been to an easter party before, and I want to bring a dessert. Thanks

Best kadaifi recipe?

Hey! Does anyone have any really good kadaifi recipe? Thanks :)


What can I eat as a vegetarian in Greece?

I’ve heard many jokes (and i’ve seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding) about Greeks eating a lot of meat. Will I be able to survive in Greece as a vegetarian?


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