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Last time I rented a car in Greece, I needed an "International Driver's License", which I had the foresight to get before I got there. Is this still the case? Do all rental car places require it?

The reason why I ask is, it was kind of a pain to get and don't want to get it unless I need it.
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Not sure where you are from, but I do know that I don't need an "International Driver's License" any more as my Australian Driver's license is sufficient. Might also be the case for a US and Canadian driver's license.


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REnted a car in Greece several years ago and I presented my international license, which I purchased at AAA for about 15 dollars and in approx 15 mins. I am not a AAA member. The big issue with car rentals is the age limitaion of 75 yrs of age. The rental co."s charge additional fees for anyone over 75. I found a company in Corinth that did not have an age restriction and that's about 1-1/2 hrs from Athens by train.


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I think I better get the International Driver's License from AAA just in case? Seems like it couldn't hurt, especially since it is so inexpensive and easy to do.

Jerry s

Renting a car in Greece is now possible with a US license – an international driver's license is no longer required!

If you visit the website of the US Embassy in Greece you will see the following sentence: “U.S. citizen tourists/temporary residents with stays less than six months with a valid United States driver’s license can drive in Greece with their U.S. license.”

Up to you but you don't need one now.
I go to Greece almost every year . From November 2021 onwards, I don't need international permit, I can use my Australian drivers license.


I think I better get the International Driver's License from AAA just in case? Seems like it couldn't hurt, especially since it is so inexpensive and easy to do.
I agree with this!

How long to spend in Meteora?

I will be in Greece, staying mostly in the Athens area. There are some offshoot trips I want to do, and one of them is Meteora.

Is this truly doable in a day trip from Athens, or is it a good idea to spend a night or two in the area? I want to make sure I don't have loftier expectations than what is possible for seeing it...

September in Greece Tips and Advice

It has been a while since I went to Greece in September, and when I went, it was in late September. This time, I will be going earlier in the month. I will be flying into Athens from Toronto, so I will be pretty jet lagged once I arrive.

I am not sure how long I want to stay in Athens. It seems that, in the past, I haven't gotten too far past the Athens area and I kind of want to change it. These days, most of the people I am visiting are in the Athens area so I will be spending a lot of time at their homes, staying with people, etc.

Meanwhile I want to see something else. I have a few days - maybe 5 nights or so - to spend somewhere else, and I want to pick a spot and stay there. Do you have any recommendations? I know that is vague - I want to have some nice, relaxing beach time, and I am not too concerned about whether or not there are crowds or plenty to do. I want beaches and great places to eat (easy in Greece!).

Is Free Camping allowed in Greece? Read this before you go!

Help Packing for Greece Trip

I am starting to make my pack list for Greece. I plan to get there at the end of August. What is the weather like? It's been a while since I've been and I need answers to some questions:

- Does it get cold at night?
- Should I expect some rain?
- How are the winds? Will I need a windbreaker?

Also I am curious about fashion stuff... what do the women tend to wear in Greece? I know that's vague, but I don't want to look totally like a tourist in my wardrobe.

Best Off the Beaten Track Islands in Greece

I recently had some friends tell me about their trip to Greece, which involved Mykonos and Santorini. He said those two places were so busy, it ruined the enjoyment of it.

We are planning a trip to Greece next year and want to try some smaller islands that are more like "hidden gems" than tourist traps. Someone told me that Aegina is a nice place, as well as Paros. Do you guys have any advice other than those two islands?
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