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While on Mykonos, are there places to go, or maybe even tours to take, that can help me learn abut the history of the place?

I know there are some museums, like the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum, but aside from that, I am looking for places to go that will kind of bring the history alive. I do plan to visit Delos as a day trip, I know the history of that small island is connected to Mykonos. That's all I can think of, though. Anything you can tell me is very much appreciated!
There is a maritime museum somewhere on Mykonos, which is a nice change of pace from the archeological museums. There are also art galleries all over the place, which are more cultural than historical, but they can put the history of the island in context.

Best Mykonos beaches for families?

I'm planning a family vacation to Mykonos and would love some recommendations on the best family-friendly beaches. With a couple of toddlers in tow, I'm looking for beaches that are not only beautiful but also safe for the little ones to play around and paddle in the water.

Additionally, amenities like clean restrooms, nearby places to grab a bite to eat, and shaded areas would be a huge plus. We want to avoid the party scenes and opt for more serene spots where we can build sandcastles and enjoy the waves without too much worry.

If anyone has experiences or suggestions they'd like to share, I'm all ears! What beaches in Mykonos have you found to be particularly good for families? Any tips on the best times to go, or advice on must-bring items?


Exploring Little Venice in Mykonos?

I'm planning a trip to the enchanting area of Little Venice in Mykonos and I've heard so much about its stunning views and quirky charm. I'm reaching out to this community because I know there are a lot of well-traveled folks around here who could share their insights.

Can anyone suggest the absolute must-see attractions and activities in Little Venice? I'm interested in anything from historical sites, picturesque spots for photography, to the best places to relax and watch the sunset.

Also, any tips on hidden gems or less-known spots you can recommend would be great too!


Going to Delos from Mykonos?

Delos looks fascinating and I will be in Mykonos this summer. Is it realistic to do this as a day trip from Mykonos?

Has anyone done this before? I'd love to hear your recommendations and tips! How long is the boat ride, and are there specific tour operators you recommend?

What are the must-see spots on Delos, and how much time should I allocate to explore the island thoroughly?

I recall it's possible to take a Ferry from Mykonos to Delos but I am not sure the details. I saw a sign for it last time I was there.

Shopping from local artisans while in Mykonos question

I'm planning a trip to Mykonos soon and one thing I'm really excited about is exploring the local artisan scene. I've heard that the island is home to many talented craftsmen and artists, and I'd love to bring back some unique and authentic souvenirs.

However, I'm not quite sure where to start or what to look for when shopping from local artisans. I'd really appreciate any tips or recommendations from those who have experience with this.

Do you have any favorite artisan shops or markets in Mykonos that you would recommend? What are some typical items or crafts that I should keep an eye out for? Any advice on how to distinguish authentic, locally made products from mass-produced tourist trinkets?

I'm also interested in learning about any cultural or historical significance behind certain artisanal crafts on the island. Understanding the stories behind the products would definitely enhance my shopping experience.

Great Photo Spots on Mykonos?

I'm planning a trip to Mykonos and I’m super excited about capturing some beautiful moments on camera. I've heard this island is a paradise for photographers, and I want to make sure I don’t miss out on any must-see spots. Some questions:
  • Iconic Locations: Are there any landmarks or famous locations that are a must for photography?
  • Hidden Gems: Do you have any favorite lesser-known spots for photos that might not be so crowded?
  • Sunsets and Sunrises: Where are the best places to catch the sunrise and sunset?
  • Local Tips: Any other tips or advice for getting great shots on Mykonos?
Looking forward to hearing your recommendations and experiences! Thanks in advance for your help.
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